Best Jeans for Flat Bottoms: Are You Ashamed?

Every woman in America owns at least one pair of jeans. There are those who have a lot more and they can't get enough. The reason why jeans are very popular is that they can be used for formal and informal events. A lot of construction workers wear jeans. There are a lot of people who are concerned that wearing jeans will make their bottoms bigger. There are also those who feel that they need to get a way to show off their curves. If you have flat bottoms, you will no doubt want to know what types of jeans to buy for your figure.

There are a few things you need to consider before settling on a particular brand of jeans. One of those will be how big your thighs are. This is one of the main issues some people find hard to deal with when they have flat bottoms but larger thighs. You can have large hips but still have flat bottoms. Nature can be cruel at times and you never get what you want. Nevertheless, you can still choose the best jeans for flat bottoms if your thighs are not that large. Tight-fitting jeans are likely the best but you need to be comfortable with them. Some women prefer to buy jeggings because they can stretch and adapt to your anatomy.

There are women who prefer low rise jeans because they feel it helps to hide their flat behind. That can work for some and might not work for others. A lot will have to do with how you feel about showing your midriffs. There are times you might buy a pair of jeans that make you feel comfortable but some people might feel that it is not the best for you. That is why knowing what you want and feeling good about what you buy is important. There a lot of jeans to buy with different styles and price range. Here are a few jeans worth considering for women with flat bottom:

Levi's Womens Curvy Boot Cut 529 Women's Jeans : 4 Regular that you can buy at for $45

Not Your Daughter's Jeans Barbara Modern Boot-Cut Jeans, Women's that sells for $118 at Neiman Marcus

Women's J Brand Jeans 912 Turbulent Twill Pencil Jeans that can be purchased at Neiman Marcus for $252.00

The best jeans for flat bottoms are either straight or what is called pencil jeans. They can be cheap and at times very expensive up to $300. You don't have to spend that much because an expensive jeans might not look good on you and your might not like the way it feels. What some people have found to be effective is to try out a few brands and styles of jeans to see which one you like and which one makes you feel more comfortable. You should also be willing to move away from your comfort zone and buy a style that you have never tried before. It might actually grow on you. There are a lot of stylish jeans you can check out that will make you look good and enhance your flat bottoms.