Tips to Help Find the Best Jeans for Petite Women

Petite Women may have a hard time finding the best jeans for them.

Best Jeans for Petite Women

For an average-size woman, shopping for new jeans can provoke panic. Not too many items of clothing can more clearly illuminate all the bumps and bulges, other than swimsuits. (“Does this make my butt look big?” Sound familiar?) There are so many choices of style, brand, and price point, it can be an overwhelming experience. Finding the right pair to feel great and flatter your figure can seem an impossible dream.

But for petite women (those who are 5’4” or less), the problem can be ten times worse. Jeans that fit at the waist and thigh can be way too long. Unless they are specifically designed for petites, jeans can be extremely uncomfortable and unflattering.

Jeans that are sized properly for petites will have the rear pockets appropriately sized and placed, they will have the knee break in the right place, and they will have a shorter rise (the distance between waist and crotch) to accommodate the petite woman’s shorter torso.

Petite women with large hips or waists should stay away from the trendy slim and skinny styles and choose the traditional straight-leg or boot cut styles. Avoid wide flare legs as well; that style will make you appear wider and shorter. Make sure to buy the correct length, or plan to hem your jeans, because rolling up too-long legs into a cuff will also make your legs look shorter.

Petite women with small hips can wear the slim and skinny styles, but you too should avoid extreme flare legs to keep from looking like a triangle. Make sure the length of the jeans skims the top of your shoes, no longer and no shorter, for the perfect jean for your figure.

Here are five top picks for jeans for petite women, in a range of price points.



TOP PICK    Levi’s 512 Misses Petite Perfectly Slimming Boot Cut with Tummy-Slimming Panel

You can’t go wrong with Levi’s, the company that invented blue jeans in 1870 and has been making them for women for decades.  They are conservatively priced as well, in comparison to some of the designer brands. Their new customizable shaping and sizing tool on the website offers to find you the best fit based on your particular body shape and size.


Jag Jeans Women’s Petite Paley Boot Jean

This is a low-price brand, slightly more expensive than Levi’s and still significantly less expensive than the higher-end brands. The jeans are designed for an older woman, one who is at the stage of her life when she is more interested in fit and comfort than in high fashion.


Not Your Daughter’s Jeans Women’s Petite Boot Cut Jean

These jeans fall into the mid-range of prices, but they offer something special for the price… you can look (and buy) a size smaller thanks to their exclusive Lift Tuck Technology. It smooths the belly and lifts the rear-end for a more flattering silhouette.


Joe’s Jeans Women’s Provocateur Jean

Joe’s Jeans was established in 2001 to provide high fashion denim with extremely targeted body-specific sizes. The clothing is definitely on the pricey end of the spectrum, but there are 14 different women’s body types to choose from, ensuring you get a perfect fit.


7 For All Mankind Women’s Petite Kimmie Bootcut Jeans

This is also a high-priced designer jean from a Los-Angeles based company that was founded in 2000. Its jeans are very popular among Hollywood celebrities and fashion magazine editors.



TOP PICK   Levi’s 512 Misses Petite Perfectly Slimming Boot Cut with Tummy-Slimming Panel

At about $40, these are the most affordable jeans on the list.  The classic jean has a fit that gives you a smooth silhouette and flattens your tummy with a special design and fabric made with 1% spandex for superior stretch and recovery.

Levi’s has just introduced a new way to size your jeans, called Curve ID. First you determine how curvy you are (from four different choices), then describe your rear-end (also four choices), then choose from among three bad-fit problems. Based on your selections, Levi’s offers up a Curve type (based on measurements of over 65,000 women) and then you can choose what leg style you want, and what rise. Taking all this into consideration, the Levi’s site offers selections that should fit you well. These jeans are more expensive than the regular Lev’s jeans, at about $80, but still far less expensive than some of the other more customized brands.


Jag Jeans Women’s Petite Paley Boot Jean

Ana K., the head designer at Joe’s Jeans, says that she likes things that are simple, comfortable, and uncomplicated, and these values are reflected in the jeans that she designs. She says, “Our jeans will flatter your figure - lifting, shaping and slimming in all the right places - while always keeping you comfortable. All our waistbands stretch with you, which are unique to Jag Jeans. They will never restrict you or your style.” These jeans are made with 2% spandex for a flexible fit, and are designed to pull on with no zipper or button closures. The waist is set higher than most current trendy styles, and is designed wide, for a snug, flat fit that allows attention to be drawn away from your belly. Priced at about $65, this is on the lower end of the women’s jeans category. The boot cut leg is flattering to many body styles, but Jag also has a Straight Leg style (called Peri) and a Slim Leg style (called Malia) for women who prefer their jeans in those styles.


Not Your Daughter’s Jeans Women’s Petite Boot Cut Jean

At about $100, these jeans are not inexpensive, but check out what they can do for you. These jeans are designed to make you look and feel a size smaller. Using a patented design, they help to flatten in the front and lift in the back. The rise hits a point just above your waistline, making for a slimmer silhouette and more comfortable wear. For best results, try ordering a size down from what you normally wear. The higher waistband also helps eliminate the “muffin-top” bulge commonly associated with poorly fitted jeans. They have illustrations on the site and even a video to demonstrate how the criss-cross panel works to make you look slim and shapely. The jeans are available in lots of colors and styles, but for petite women it is recommended that you stick to straighter-leg designs.


Joe’s Jeans Women’s Petite Provocateur Jean

The Provocateur comes in both Boot Cut and Skinny leg styles, and both are priced at about $175, which puts these jeans at the high end of the price spectrum. The jeans are designed to be soft and stretchy, containing 2% spandex, for a fitted look that is comfortable and does not get baggy. One reviewer called Joe’s Jeans “a push-up bra for your butt.” Many women who have worn Joe’s Jeans claim that they provide the “perfect” fit. Joe’s is also famous for their extensive 55-color range of jeans. With 55 different shades, you are certain to find exactly the color you want. The fabric is soft and smooth, and you can be sure that if you pay this price, you will get jeans that fit you perfectly. 


7 For All Mankind Women’s Petite Kimmie Bootcut Jeans

These jeans are pricey for your average woman, at about $180, but apparently not for celebrities like Emma Stone, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Stewart, Jessica Alba, and Kate Bosworth. The jeans are extremely flattering to curvier women, with 3% spandex and designs to keep the tummy and the rear-end under control.  They are made of great quality denim and will last a few years with regular washing and wearing.