The best jigsaw puzzles are a great way for anyone to pass time! They also work great to bring people together to work on a single goal!

When I was a kid I would always have some jigsaw puzzle taking up at least one table in the house. I loved them. I could start a puzzle, leave, go play in the pool or something, come back, and start where left off. I would spend hours, at times, sitting around the table trying to put jigsaw puzzles together. Not only did I enjoy them, but I'm pretty sure everyone else did too. Usually when I left it for very long, I would come back and find a few sections were bigger than I left them. Secretly someone would always find a piece or two.Occasionally I would even have people sit around and help me out. It was always fun having someone to talk to while putting together a puzzle. And when I was done with...I would show it off to everyone it was an accomplishment that made you feel special. They make you feel like a big kid.Mona Lisa (38263)

Now that I'm older, you'd think I would have left this hobby behind but in fact I still find myself working on puzzles when I get off work or have a free day. Believe it or not, most other people enjoy them too. When someone comes over, more times than not, they'll end up working on it. For most people, it reminds them of their childhood, and they love it. Nothing bring friends and family closer than hovering over a table searching through thousands of little pieces trying to make a new puzzle come to life.

Jigsaw puzzles come any many shapes and sizes, just about anything you could think of probably comes in the form of a puzzle. They are also fairly cheap so anyone can enjoy a puzzle for many many hours. Even though they are cheap, they provide hours and hours of fun.

Map Puzzles

I've always found map puzzles to be fun because they are practical too. If you frame puzzles maps can be a good category to frame. You can usually get map jigsaw puzzles for just about anywhere you could think of as well as many different difficulties. This makes them also very good for children. Children will be able to enjoy putting the puzzle together while also learning a bit of geography.

3D Jigsaw Puzzles3D Jigsaw Puzzle

3D jigsaw puzzles are a little different in the fact that they do not lay flat on a table. They add a new dimension, if you will, to puzzle building. Just about anything you could think of is probably made into a 3D jigsaw puzzle just to name a few there's the bat-mobile, Star Wars ships, or even something simple like a little green apple (don't be fulled it is still quite challenging). 3D puzzles provide the puzzle building with a different challenge. When most people get bored they try to get a bigger puzzle with thousands more pieces but at some point even that gets boring. A 3D jigsaw puzzle will provide puzzlers with a new challenge.

Art Puzzles

Have a favorite artists? Chances are their work has been made into a jigsaw puzzle. Art puzzles are great for framing when you're done for everyone to see, and believe it or not, they are quite cheaper than the original art work. If you can't find your favorite artist, there are ways you can have them made for pretty cheap. Chances are if you want to see, someone else does too. That is for another time though.

Photography Puzzles

These have to be one of my favorites. Take any picture from any old camera and turn it into a unique puzzle that anyone can enjoy. Photography puzzles really show a new level of fun when you get to recreate yourself over and over again. There are a few places on the internet where you can have these made but you can also get them made at most photography places, including Wal-Mart.

Pre-School Puzzles

There is literally a puzzle for all ages. If you think your child is too young to participate with puzzles think again. These days, there are puzzles designed just to help youngins learn and have a little fun. Among the most popular children puzzles are animal or shape puzzles. These are a little different than the normal jigsaw puzzle because they usually just have to fill in the whole with the correct piece. Pre-school puzzles are a great learning tool and you'll usually find them in most preschool classes.

Puzzle Accessories

You can't talk about anything without at least mentioning the accessories. While they are not a must have, the most avid puzzle maker may consider at least checking out a mat. How many times have you had a puzzle crushed and had to start all over? Or maybe you just had to put it away so that the table could be used for something else? I don't know about you, but I hate having to completely start over

Puzzle Mat

when you're half way done with a puzzle. A puzzle mat will allow you to roll the puzzle up and start again whenever you feel like, without changing a thing. Most of them will keep even the lose pieces in their same spot however some cheaper made ones will let them slide around. It's the perfect accessory for any puzzle maker.

Besides the puzzle mat, there are a few other accessories worth mentioning. First you have the puzzle glue. Puzzle glue is designed to spread over a puzzle to keep it together with out harming the pieces or discoloring the puzzle. If you plan on framing or just saving your favorite puzzles this is a must have. Second, if you plan on saving your most favorite puzzles but don't want to hang them on the wall for whatever reason, a puzzle rack is perfect. A puzzle rack is similar to a magazine rack. In fact, you could use a magazine rack if you find the right size.

Where Do I Find The Best Jigsaw Puzzles?

The first place I always look is on the internet. While you can buy puzzles locally you usually don't have as big of a selection. For a veteran puzzle maker, online is the only place you find unique puzzles (unless you have a local puzzle shop). Usually I find what I'm looking for on Amazon or Ebay but occasionally I'll find myself searching around the web for other puzzles. I've never had a problem buying puzzles online because they are just not something people try to scam you with and they are all about the same quality and price.

If you don't want to buy online, or just want to look around locally, you can usually find some jigsaw puzzles at hobby shops like Hobby Lobby. If you don't live in a big city you probably won't have a hobby shop so check your closest super-center like Walmart or Target.

Whichever puzzle you decide on and wherever you get it, I hope you enjoy it!