Finding a new job anytime can be tough, but horrid in a bad economy. Anything that helps is a worthwhile investment in time and money. These books give ideas how to stand out and apart from the hordes of job seekers.

Knock ‘em Dead Series

Marten Yate has been writing the Knock ‘em Dead series of books since the 1990s. These books cover interviewing, resumes, cover letters and are general job search guides and good to review for career changes.

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Knock ‘em Dead: Great Answers To Tough Interview Questions was one of the first, and the series follows its format. Yate compiled answers to tough and awkward questions asked by job interviewers. He analyzed the questions and their purpose and gave a strategy to answer them. “What is your worst attribute?” is answered by taking a negative and turning it into a positive. He analyzes different interview styles and how to prepare for them. He discusses how to turn interviewee problems around or defuse them into something less disastrous.

His books on cover letters and resumes teach how to isolate the main point of the document and how to focus on that point. He includes examples to illustrate.

His book, Knock ‘em Dead: The Ultimate Job Search Guide, combines ideas from several of his other books on resumes, cover letters, interviews and follow up letters into one book.

Knock 'em Dead 2013: The Ultimate Job Search Guide
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For Dummies Series

For Dummies has a series on job hunting. They are Job Interviews For Dummies, Cover Letters For Dummies and Resumes For Dummies. These books are consistent with the rest of the For Dummies series. They cover the subject and are good at breaking down the topic into small sections.

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Tim Tyrell-Smith

Tim Tyrell-Smith’s book, 30 Ideas: The Ideas of Successful Job Search covers the psychology, strategy, and networking principles to find a job. Each section has practical tips for the job search.

Smith gives advice to examine all parts of the work search.

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HeadStrong: The Keys To A Confident And Positive Attitude During Job Search
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College Students and Beginners In The Job Market

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The Complete Job Search Book For College Students: A Step-By-Step Guide To Finding The Right Job by Richard Walsh and Michelle Soltwedel. This book is targeted for college students looking for their first job. It could be used as a refresher or by someone with limited work experience. The information is applicable to anyone looking for their first job, or as a refresher. It covers such things as how to deal with the lack of previous work experience.

Ronald W. Fry

101 Smart Questions To Ask On Your Interview and 101 Great Answers To The Toughest Interview Questions approaches the interview as a give and take. He illustrates methods to prepare serious questions to ask during every stage of the interview. His advice includes investigating the company and tailoring questions to suit the interview. He covers what areas to avoid in addition to areas to cover. Fry covers several specific types of interviews such as the stress, behavioral, team, and brainteaser. He is also the author of 101 Great Resumes.

An advantage of books that present a variety of questions, cover letters etc. is that they give a person an overview of the subject. It allows him to isolate an area for more in-depth study if necessary.

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Books about job search techniques and advice are redundant. The authors use similar material to approach the subject and advocate a similar, if not the same approach. They put emphasis on their personal bias. Even though they are redundant, each may cover something different or present it in such a fashion that the reader benefits from it more than the same information from another source. If a reader likes one book of a series they may like others in the same series.