Parents concerned about jogging strollers and their newborns can rest easy knowing that there are selected manufacturers that include shocks and suspension systems on their jogging strollers.

The best jogging stroller for newborns is of course, one of these models. The shock absorption rate of the stroller models that carry suspension systems are excellent choices for the best jogging stroller for newborns.

As parents have researched the jogging stroller manufacturers for the most value for their money, they find that investing in a stroller, which has the most potential for expanding the use of the stroller, is the better value. Jogging Stroller for Newborns

Several jogging strollers have the options available for seat expansions designed for growing infants. It is important for parents to select a jogging stroller which has a reclining option designed for newborns, so they will not get jostled and bumped around on rough terrain.

A good rule of thumb is to first look for the best jogging stroller for newborns that sport the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) certification sticker on the stroller. This is a standard of testing that is, of now, a volunteer testing administered by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA).

These tests involve leg openings, brakes, restraint system, stability, and other mechanisms, which lock and prevent accidental folding of the stroller, and the presence of sharp edges. Parents should also look into a jogging stroller that has the ability to accept an infant car seat adaptor for optimal protection to the newborn.

One-touch brake systems are important, as well as an adjustable handlebar height and ease of steering. Enclosed canopies that protect the newborn from the elements are recommended, or at least enough to cover the infant while still allowing the parents to watch the infant through a clear plastic window from the top or behind.

Reflective edgings or trim can be a great safety precaution for a jogging stroller. Many of the jogging strollers on the market have standard reflective trim or edging for optimal visibility. For added safety a wrist guard is recommended for keeping the jogging stroller from getting away from the parent as they are out jogging with the newborn.

Accessories for the jogging stroller can add exceptional value to the stroller and enhance the outing. A Dreamer Design Single and Double infant insert is designed to fit into a jogging stroller for added security for the newborn.

The Baby Jogger Company has designed the Baby Jogger Infant Car Seat Adaptor for added comfort and security. Phi&Teds E3 Double Sun & Bug Jogging cover is designed to block over 80% of UV rays while keeping the bugs from flying in and landing on the newborn.

A high-end high quality stroller labeled as one of the best jogging stroller for newborns is the Baby Bling Design Company. Their jogging stroller is car seat compatible with many of the infant car seats on the market today. It also comes with an air pump, travel bag, sun cover and head support for the newborn, complete with a matching diaper bag.