My family loves singing Karaoke so we decided that we would purchase a machine and have our own Karaoke night at home for fun. While searching for the best machines, I tried many so I was able to create a best Karaoke machine reviews list. The list was one of the smartest things that I have ever done, I showed the list to my family and together we choose the best system that we all felt was going to be the best for the family.

The first Karaoke machine that I tried was the Singing Machine iSM1028Xa 7-inch Color TFT Display CDG, this machine is a front loading machine that has jacks for 2 microphones so that 2 people can sing at once. Each mic has its own volume controls as well so that they can be adjusted to the singers as well as the songs. The look of this machine is really up to date and stylish and we can even connect it to our iPods. We could sing using our own CD's as well as the AM/FM radio which gave us so many options. 

Another that made my list for the best Karaoke machine reviews is the Singing Machine SMG901 Professional CDG Karaoke PA System. This machine has a CDG loading system and a 5.5 inch black and white screen. It also offers 2 mics that are both volume controlled as well as inputs for a guitar, ipod and keyboard. It also had echo control and balance control that I found to be great assets. 

The VOCO Pro Multi Format Karaoke System was also one of the Karaoke machines that I tried. I loved it, it offered so many options that I was amazed. This machine had 4 speakers that offered 80 watts of exceptional sound as well as the capabilities of playing CD's, CD+G, MP3, CD-R, CD-RW and even standard DVD's as well as cassette controls. It had AM?FM tuning and a graphic equalizer. This machine also came with 2 microphones that could be controlled seperately. The remote control was one of the things that I also liked about this Karaoke system. As I love being able to purchase products that offer a decent warranty, this machine came with a one year warranty that pleased me as well.

Singing Machine iSM1028Xa 7-Inch Color TFT Display CDG Karaoke Player
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(price as of Dec 11, 2016)

Emerson offers the Emerson GQ759 Karaoke Player that will allow mix and record music and voice. It was a smaller unit compared to the others that I looked at and played with but it offered a 20 W speaker. It came with 100MP3G songs on a disk as well as a remote control. Another great feature was the digital egos and the digital key control. 

Last but not the least in any way was the Akai Karaoke KS800 Front Load CD+g Karaoke System. This system featured a 7 inch display screen, built in speakers and USB record and playback which I was really impressed with. Being able to hook it to the TV made it more fun to play with.