Kenzo, also known as the House of Kenzo, is a world famous fashion house and well known for their fragrances for men and women, skincare- and bodycare-products.

It was founded in 1970 by Takada Kenzo, who was one of the first male students attending the prestigious Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo. After that, he decided to move from the Japanese capital to Paris, where he opened his first boutique, named ‘Jungle Jap’.

Kenzo, known for original designs using elements of various cultures, colors and nature in his designs, founded in 1987 Kenzo Parfums and launched a year later his first perfume for women: ‘Ca Sent Beau’.

In 2001 a skincare line, built around four Asian plants (bamboo leaf, ginger flower, white lotus and rice steam) named Kenzoki, was added to the product range of Kenzo.

This article gives you an overview of the best Kenzo perfumes for women.

Ca Sent Beau by Kenzo

Ca Sent Beau, launched in 1988, is a true Kenzo classic, perfect for every woman. It is a flowery, sweet and feminine cologne with a moderate strength. The main ingredients are patchouli, orange flower, coriander, tuberose, mandarin and vetiver. This fragrance is wrapped in an elegant, remarkable white and yellow bottle.

Ca Sent Beau by Kenzo is recommended for casual wear.

Amour by Kenzo

Amour was introduced in 2006 and is a soft, oriental, spicy and sweet perfume with moderate strength for confident women. Cherry blossom, white tea, rice, thanaka wood and vanilla are the main elements of this Kenzo fragrance. It is wrapped in a beautifully designed bottle, which is available in orange, white and fuchsia.

Kenzo Amour is recommended for casual wear.  

Flower by Kenzo

Flower, launched in 2001, is an award winning perfume.  This fragrance won in 2001 and 2003 a prestigious FiFi Award. It is a flowery, vibrant, refreshing and sensual fragrance with moderate strength for modern women. Notes of 'Flower' include rose, cassis, vanilla, white musk and sweet spices. This Kenzo perfume comes in a very remarkable bottle, which displays a flower in the city.

Kenzo Flower is recommended for casual wear.

Jungle L’Elephant by Kenzo

Jungle L’elephant was introduced in 1996 and is a sensual, exotic and spicy perfume with an intense strength for confident women who love nature. Patchouli, vanilla, mango, mandarin, amber, cardamom, clove and cumin are the main ingredients for this Kenzo fragrance for women. It comes in an elegant bottle, which has an elephant on the lid of the bottle.

Jungle L’Elephant by Kenzo is recommended for evening wear.

L’Eau Par Kenzo

L’Eau Par Kenzo was launched in 1996 and is a clear and refreshing perfume with moderate strength for happy women who enjoy the simple things in life. The main ingredients are flowery notes, lotus and pepper. This fragrance is wrapped in a clear bottle with a water-like appearance.  

It is recommended to wear L’Eau Par Kenzo during casual occassions. 

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