Kid Rock is very versatile musician. He can rap, rock hard, and even Country. He has the unique ability of not being tied to one genre of music. Kid Rock can perform all types of music and do it well. There are many great songs from Kid Rock, but these are the ones I consider to be his 10 best songs.

8 What I Learned Out on the Road

A smooth song that lovers of Southern Rock tend to like. What I Learned Out on the Road shows us another part of Kid Rock that we had yet to learn about until this song came out.

7 Black Chick, White Guy

This is truly one of the songs that are often overlooked by fans of Kid Rock. The full song is over 11 minutes long, and it is actually a very auto-biographical song. The song is about Kid Rock and his former high school sweetheart. He describes his early life, without bragging at all. Everybody has had to endure low points in their life, and Kid Rock is no different. I could easily do an in-depth analysis of this song to explain what certain things meant, but that defeats the purpose of music. You listen to the song and and interpret however you want to. Black Chick, White Guy is not a song that is instantly addicting, but as you play more you may find it becoming one of your Favorite Kid Rock songs.

6 Picture

When Kid Rock teamed up with Sheryl Crow to sing Picture, it took the musical world by a storm. Everybody liked this song. This was a song that introduced many people to Kid Rock, and they were shocked when they learned what his other music was. On the other hand, it introduced hardcore Kid Rock fans to a different side of Kid Rock. Kid Rock never felt like he had to fit into a musical mold, and

Kid Rock

the song Picture is what gave him the confidence to eventually do the album Rock N' Roll Jesus.

5 Cowboy

Cowboy was on the album Devil without a Cause. Cowboy and Bawitdaba both helped to propel the album to sell countless albums. Cowboy was the song that brought heavy airplay to Kid Rock and opened him up to Super Stardom. Girls loved the song because of the beat, it was very addicting. Guys loved the song for the beat, but the words spoke to us on a deeper level. He was rapping out the male fantasy, but not boasting. Kid Rock was the man, the man we all wanted to be in the song Cowboy.

4 American Bad A**

American Bad A** is one of the majorly underrated songs of Kid Rock. A lot of people preferred a song style similar to Cowboy, but American Bad Ass was one of the best Kid Rock Songs of all time. This song was on the album The History of Rock, and he did it his way. He spoke about his musical influences and who helped mold his career. "…Boy Bands are trash, I like Johnny Cash and Grandmaster Flash". He shows that his musical influences were very diverse, and like a lot of us, he loves wide range of music while despising certain forms. Kid Rock is one of the greatest Rock musicians, while also performing equally well with Rap and Country music.

3 All Summer Long

All Summer Long is the song that will go down as one of the best songs of all time. It is a timeless song. Kid Rock pays homage to one of the greatest Southern Rock songs of all time "Sweet Home Alabama", yet unlike many artists does not do it injustice. This is a song that if you don't like it you are definitely in the minority. He grew up like a lot of us did, jamming out to Sweet Home Alabama and enjoying life. He takes us back to a simpler time when the world was in front of us, and we thought we could do anything in life.

The song, although it utilizes Sweet Home Alabama beats, is a very unique song, and it pays tribute not only to Lynyrd Skynyrd, but to everyone who ever lived in the great land of the United States of America.

2 Bawitdaba

This song received heavy play in car systems around the Country when it was released. There is an edited version, but as with all Kid Rock songs you should listen to the original versions to get the full depth of the music. In 1999 Kid Rock played Bawitdaba at Woodstock, and it was an amazing performance. You can find the 1999 performance of Bawitdaba on YouTube, complete with the topless chick in the audience.

1 You Never Met a MotherF****R Quite Like Me

This laid back drawl of a song did not originally start off has my favorite song, but it grew on me quickly. I consider this to be the best song By Kidd Rock. "I used to smoke pinners while my mom's made dinner,
Now I smoke bombs and rock with Lynyrd Skynyrd"

Kid Rock is a very talented musician, and if you like Kid Rock I encourage you to listen to all of his great music and then come up with your own best of Kid Rock music list. What songs do you like nest from Kid Rock?

Kid Rock can can write, play, and sing all typoes of mucice. From Rap, Country, Hard Rock,Rock, Southern Rock, and even laid back music. Kid Rock is one of the greates musicans of all time. The reason Kid Rock is so great of a musician is because he can perform multiple genres of music and do them all well. Kid Rick is a great msucian, and a lot of his music could of easilt been put in the best of kid rock list, but the ones I listed above are what I personally feel are his best songs ever. I am excited to see what Kid Rock wil come out with in the future. Image Credit: (Flickr/KittySocks)