If you are a parent looking for kids BMX bikes, you may be having trouble deciding which ones are best for your child. It's no surprise though, because kids BMX bikes have evolved a lot over the decades and now there are so many different brand names to pick between. Some of the most popular companies on the market are Mongoose, Diamondback, Razor, GT, Next, Kettler and Raleigh. Depending on how old and how big your child is, you'll have to decide whether you need to shop for 12", 16", 18" or 20" kids BMX bikes. Many of the smaller models are made for toddlers and come with training wheels that can be disassembled after your child is ready to ride on just two wheels. Let's take a look at some of the best models for each size.

Kids BMX Bikes

12-inch Kids BMX Bikes for Sale

If you have a toddler between the ages of 3 and 6, a 12-inch cycle is going to be the ideal size. As mentioned, most kids BMX bikes that are this small will also have training wheels. One of the best brands to look for is Raleigh. Their model, known as the MXR Micro, is an excellent cycle as it comes with a tough, high-tensile steel frame and removable training wheels, as well as a single-speed, 1-piece crank with a protective chain guard. The rust-proof allow rims make it so if your child happens to leave the Raleigh MXR micro out in the rain, it won't be such a big deal. These kids BMX bikes also have rear coaster brakes and a low standover height which makes it easier for the little guy to mount and dismount. At about $145 from REI.com, the Raleigh MXR Micro is definitely a great cycle for any toddler.

16-inch Kids BMX Bikes for Sale

The 16-inch GT El Centro is one of the best models to look for if you are considering getting this size. GT makes some of the highest quality cycles and this particular model is very popular among children ages 6-10. These kids BMX bikes cost around $300 from Amazon which is actually a pretty cheap price considering how many great features in has. The frame is the GT freestyle/street design with Chromoly tubes and a mid-size BB shell. The 3-piece crank is top of the line and the Alexa G-303 rims and Kenda tires are high quality when compared to many other kids BMX bikes for sale. The GT El Centro only weighs about 30 pounds at the most and it even comes with a durable pair of grinding pegs.

18-inch Kids BMX Bikes for Sale

This size is not as common as the others but it is a nice stepping stone between 16 and 20-inch cycles. One of the best kids BMX bikes is the 18-inch Razor Kobra. This is a 1-speed cycle with removable training wheels and it comes 85% pre-assembled for your convenience. They come with a lot of nice features such as a vinyl cushioned seat with adjustable height and a side pull caliper brake system. The Razor Kobra kids BMX bikes are made of durable steel, have a full suspension fork, and are perfect for young ones ages 7 to 10. They weigh about 31 pounds and can be bought from Amazon for a low price of only about $135.

20-inch Kids BMX Bikes for Sale

As the most sought-after and popular size, there is no shortage of 20-inch cycles for children. I would recommend taking a look at the Diamondback Viper because it is a very durable and affordable model. Diamondback kids BMX bikes are some of the highest selling brands out there, and for good reason. The Viper is just one of several good models to choose from this company. It is designed primarily for racing and crafted around a high-tensile steel frame for superior durability. If you like to do stunts, the single rear rush alloy linear-pull brake will make it significantly easier. Some of the key features these kids BMX bikes have is a threadless headset, Chromoly 1-piece cranks and 36-spoke aluminum wheels. You can find the 20-inch Diamondback Viper in a number of stores including Dunham's Sports who is currently selling it for only $160, which is about $40 off the regular list price.

Cheap Kids BMX Bikes

Most of the cycles listed in this article are relatively affordable; however, many of us are on tight budgets these days and it's not always easy to cough up a couple hundred bucks on a new cycle. If you want to buy cheap kids BMX bikes, you have to try and look for discounts and clearances. A lot of stores like Walmart, Target, Meijer and of course sporting goods stores like MC Sports are going to be some of the best places to check out. Many times as you walk down the aisle you will notice some random cheap kids BMX bikes for sale at a discounted price. These are usually just the cycles that have been out on the floor for a long time and need to be sold. There is nothing necessarily "wrong" with them, they just might not be as popular as other models.

If you can't find a decent selection of discount kids BMX bikes in those stores, try visiting their websites as well. In most cases, there will be a much larger inventory on their websites because they keep most of it in massive warehouses rather than the backs of local stores. There are also a lot of other websites you should visit like DansComp.com, Amazon.com and so much more.

Used Kids BMX Bikes

On sure-fire way to save a load of money is to buy a second-hand cycle. Children will always eventually grow out of their old cycle, that's inevitable, and most parents aren't just going to throw the old one out. This is why it is so easy to buy used kids BMX bikes. They are literally everywhere, from newspapers, to garage sales, sporting goods stores, cycle and skate shops, and a bunch of websites like eBay and CraigsList.

After you buy used kids BMX bikes for sale, you need to make sure they are in good shape and safe for your son or daughter to ride. Check for broken, damaged or missing components, parts and accessories, and ensure that the training wheels, seat, fork, brakes and handlebars are all working properly. Also inspect the tires, pedals and chain guard for any damage and make the necessary repairs. It may be nice saving money on used kids BMX bikes, but not if it means sacrificing your child's safety in the process.