The following is a list of the UTV’s made for youth riders which are probably going to be your best bet in a rather limited market.  Prices will vary, especially with the Chinese side by sides, so shop around for good deals.

Polaris RZR 170 UTV - $4,299

This is, without a doubt, the best of the best you will find.  While not nearly as cheap as the others on the list, you will be buying from a reputable manufacturer in Polaris.  They will generally have a very good resale value and will be something you will have no issues with getting parts to make repairs you might need.  The price is somewhat high, when compared to others, but as time goes by and more get into the fray, the price could come down or at least stay stable for the next several years.  This is good news for anyone who might consider buying them down the road.

As other makers, like Yamaha with their Rhino, Kawasaki with the Teryx, along with Arctic Cat, Honda, and Suzuki, get into the market, you can expect the competition to heat up.  While prices might not drop by that terribly much, you can bet more bells and whistles will be added to the kids UTV’s for sale.  This has been the pattern in the past, so it will probably continue this way.

Eton Rover GT Utility Cart - $2,899

This isn’t really a side by side, but it is certainly in the discussion of the best kids UTV’s on the market.  Some casual ATV riders think of Eton as an off brand, but this simply isn’t the case.  Eton makes quality ATV’s and you can assume the same of the Rover GT Utility Cart.  Sporting an 88cc four stroke engine, this one isn’t super powerful, but it will work out well for a small teenager.  It even comes complete with a cargo rack and basket on the back, so it can be used for some yard work.

Eton is actually marketing this one for adults (can you say liability, wink, wink), but few would argue it is sized just right for kids.  It will work well for riding the trails, but the automatic, single speed transmission isn’t something which will crank out exceptionally fast speeds.  Still, for kids, this might be just the right thing to consider, especially considering it has a nice roll bar.

Best Cheap Chinese Kids UTV’s

While there are many different cheap Chinese Kids UTV’s on the market, the following are the ones which I think are probably the best.  I own multiple Chinese youth four wheelers, but not any of the UTV’s…yet.

BMS Avenger 150 Kids UTV/Mini Buggy $2,799

Prices will actually vary on this one. While the major makers generally post legitimate MSRP, the Chinese makers tend to falsely inflate theirs, so it makes it appear you’re getting a much better deal.  The price listed, however, is what you can expect to pay, give or take one hundred dollars or so.

The styling of this thing is very similar to that of the Polaris RZR youth model, but it’s safe to assume the level of quality will not quite be the same.  You probably couldn’t legitimately expect something priced at half of the major brand to have the same level of quality.  However, you can probably expect to get a pretty good unit for the money.  Even at the reduced price, this is much more expensive than the traditional four wheelers, but that’s common with the side by side market.    This one comes complete with roof lights, headlights, a roll cage, and a really good safety harness, which is something you shouldn’t overlook.

150cc Forester UTV Utility Vehicle - $2,700

This one is full sized (wink), but certainly will work well for smaller adults or larger kids.  The styling is actually really cool, so it will surely catch the attention of almost any young rider.  The 150cc motor will get close to 35mph with a single teenage rider, but with two, it will probably top out near 30.  The actual MSRP is listed at $4,999, but if you pay that much, you are paying way too much.

This model has a nice dump box on the back, along with a roll bar, and has a total weight capacity of over 900 pounds, which is actually quite impressive and suggests the use of quality steel in thick tubing version.  This is one of the things you will want to check to ensure quality materials are used to manufacture the side by side.

110cc Kids Youth UTV Utility Vehicle muv110 - $999 - $1,499

The big variance is primarily because of shipping charges.  Some sellers offer them with the option of ‘free shipping’ at under $1500, while others charge up to $500 for shipping at charge under $1,000 to buy it.  It’s really a wash in the end, but you should check around to see if you can get the best total price possible.

This one is a little more like a golf cart than a true side by side, but it’s priced right for anyone on a tight budget.  Still, it has the common 110cc Honda clone engine which has become very popular.  The company claims top speed of over 60mph, but I can assure you, there’s no way that could be accurate.  I suspect, based on the actual top speeds of 110cc Chinese four wheelers, that it will top out at right around 30mph with a 120 pound rider on it. With two riders of that size, it will be around 25mph, which is actually pretty fast for a kid.  Weight capacity is a very low 350 pounds, so two full sized adults could very well overload it.  For the price, it’s one of the best kids UTV utility vehicles.