What is the best Kindle Ebook formatting software? If you are like me you have searched the Internet in vain to find articles on how to format your work for Kindle. You can make a Doc file and try to convert it to html but that just end ups being a mess. Unless you know html code and want to sit there and fix every line of your book you can be at the task for hours. This process wastes time especially if you’re trying to format a complicated novel with all the dialogue and special text you need. Thankfully there is now some great Kindle formatting software you can use to make this task a whole lot easier on you and your sanity.  This article examines two programs that will make the task of formatting and getting your book ready for Kindle Direct Publishing much easier.

Kindle Writer for Ebook Formatting

This program offers a free 30 day trial of the software which features two main components, the Kindle Draft Creator, and the Kindle Book Maker. Both these tools can make the process of completing your book easier.  Kindle Draft Maker acts like a regular text editor like notepad but it add the functionality of a spell checker so you can write your text with ease. The editor features no formatting options at all but this is for good reason.  As you finish chapters you can save them as individual files and use them in the next section of the program called the Kindle Book Maker.

In the Kindle Book Maker section you have two sides to view. The left side is where the html formatting takes place and the right side shows you exactly how the text will look on the Kindle. The program features easy to use html icons that add in the bulk of the code for you. View the text as you add in code and make any changes when you make a mistake or the code doesn’t look quite right to you. It’s easy to set up your table of contents, links, add images and other material to your book with the easier to use software. The program also features some templates you can use to make the whole process even easier.

The program also makes it easy to add your book description to Kindle Direct Publishing and get it ready for publication.  The Kindle requires very basic html formatting but today’s word processors simply add in code that screws up the text. With Kindle Writer this task is made very easy and you get a great looking book with minimal headaches so you can get back to writing more often and not fussing with getting your book to look just right.

Jutoh Kindle Writer for Ebook Formatting

Jutoh is another program that you can use to format and write your Kindle book. This software also features a cover page designer so you can get great looking cover pages in a snap. With this software you can easily get that Kindle book written without too many of the other problems you face with regular word processors. There’s a table of contents wizard so you always have a great looking table of contents in your new book if you require one. You’ll find an error checker and a spell checker so you know your writing is correct and the code is right for your text so it looks its best on the Kindle. The software features a note taking utility so you can keep random thoughts and ideas in one area and then transfer them to your main workspace as you work on your ebook. Jutoh has a desktop feature so you can move between areas of the software with ease.

Great Kindle Formatting Software

You can find both of these programs online and they are well worth the investment. No longer do you have to feel tied by learning code or trying to get your book to look just right. These programs make those tasks easy and you can get back to creating your next book.