Kitchen garbage cans are something we all have yet with so many options and individual situations finding the perfect one can seem like a daunting task. Without really giving it any thought you may be thinking what’s the big deal buy a garbage can but it in your kitchen put a bag in it and start using it but so many problems can come from not having the right garbage can things like the dog or cat getting into it or if you have little ones that don’t know any better getting in it, to smells and leaks and on and on. So now the question you should be asking is what is the best kitchen garbage can for me? On one hand who wants to spend a lot of money on something that you put trash in but on the other hand you don’t want to buy can after can spending countless dollars trying to find the perfect one. Well that’s were this article can help. In the following paragraphs you will find a list of some of the best kitchen garbage cans available along with the details on what makes them the best. - Best Dog Proof Trash Can

A Stainless Steel Garbage Can Can’t Be Beat


iTouchless Kitchen Garbage CanWhen it comes to garbage cans stainless is the king, their durable, long lasting and easy to clean all things that make for a great trash can. When buying a stainless steel garbage can there are three common designs to choose from touchless, step and open rim. Each style has its advantages and disadvantages so let’s take a look at one example of each starting with the touchless. Touchless trash cans have a built in infrared sensor that opens the lid when it detects an object within about six inches of the sensor. A good example is the iTouchless Stainless Steel Hands Free 13 Gallon Infrared Automatic Trash Can with a list price of $99.00 but is normally on sale for much less. The iTouchless has been designed with cleanliness in mind by reducing cross contamination it creates a germ and odor free environment. It’s powered by four D sized batteries that will open and close the lid up to10,000 times before needing replaced. The lid itself has also been laboratory tested and proven to open 100,000 times without issue. To use simply place your hand or trash within six inches of the sensor eye and the lid will open and stay open until you move out of that six inch window at which time the lid will close. And if for some reason you have a need to open the lid manually there are two buttons one for opening and one for closing for just such an occasion. Plus there is a built in on/off switch in the back if for some reason you need it off. The 13 gallon size means this garbage can is big enough for most trash but small enough not to take up to much room in your kitchen. The dimensions are as follows 14.5” x 10.5” x 27”. It also has a retainer ring that holds the edges of bag to keep it from slipping down into the can. As far as faults go the iTouchless is like any other product some people love it while others have problems for example the lid not closing all the way after extended use, or the manual buttons cracking but for those that have problems this can comes with a 60 day unconditional money back guarantee and a one year limited manufacturer’s warranty.


Foot Pedal/Step Kitchen Garbage Cans


Oxo Good Grips Steel Trash CanThe next style of stainless steel garbage can you may want to consider is the foot pedal/step type. Compared to the other styles you will find many more option available from wide range of sizes anywhere from 23 gallons to 1.6 gallons to different types of lids. Of course the smaller ones probably wouldn’t make very good kitchen garbage cans except in the case of an under the cabinet can. A great example of this style is the 10 gallon Oxo Good Grips Steel Rectangular Trash Can that comes in four colors red, black, and white and brushed stainless making it easier to match your kitchen décor. With all the features this can has you will be hard pressed to find a negative review of this trash can anywhere. Oxo Good Grips has thought of just about everything including a large foot pedal, a lock that keeps the lid open to 90°, a bag lock that keeps the trash bag from falling into the can and a removable plastic liner with grips to make trash removal easier. Plus the rectangular shape helps the can sit closer to walls and cabinets so it doesn’t take up to much valuable real estate. Depending on which color you choose the list price for this can is about $145 but can be found for as little as $100 when it’s on sale at online retailers like and


Open Rim Kitchen Garbage Cans


The last style of stainless steel cans that will be detailed here is the open rim which is pretty self explanatory. To start off lets get the flaws of this design out of the way. This a rather short list because the main problem with these are that they have no lid which is the reason you would by it in the first place. So other than not being child or dog proof these cans are great. A good example of this style would be the Bullet Open Trash Can by Simplehuman which is available at their web site for $99.99. This is a no thrills design just a sturdy 16 gallon stainless steel open lid trash can that measures 29.8”H x 16”W x 15.8”D. It has a ten year warranty and is perfect for kitchens whether it’s in a restaurant or your home.

As you can see there are an endless number of stainless steel garbage cans available each one having its pros and cons and with a little care and maintenance should last a very long time. Hopefully this article has helped you decide what the best kitchen garbage can is for you and your individual needs.