Halloween is the one time in the year that you can dress up as anyone you want to without looking silly. If you want to dress up like one of the Knights of the Round Table, there are a variety of knight Halloween costumes that you can choose either in costume shops near you or in several online shops in the internet.

Being a knight at Halloween is not just fun, but also has a rich historical significance. If you want to be a knight and are really serious in becoming one of the greatest men that has graced history, you may want to research more on what is a knight and what do they do during their time.

In the Middle Ages, particularly around many areas in Europe, a warrior class was formed. The members of this warrior class were referred to as knights and were popular for abiding by the code of chivalry.

They were also known to live by the motto, "Protect the weak, defenseless, helpless, and fight for the general welfare of all". These were the main guidelines that all of the knights in the medieval times were expected to uphold.

It has been documented that following these guidelines proved to be very difficult for some knights. However, they were also trained in a lot of skills which includes, among many other things, fighting, riding horses and hunting.

Honorable behavior and being courteous at all times is expected from a knight. It was considered extremely important since it is also covered by the guidelines which they were expected to live by.

Chivalry is also something that they hold in high regard and is one of the things with which they are most famous for. Knights have been popularized in literature and pop culture all throughout the years.

Because of their code of chivalry and their abilities that dealt with social life, military and their role in religion, some of the most famous and heralded characters in literature have been knights.

They have been largely featured in the literature during the medieval and Renaissance but are still popular until today. Some of the most notable portrayals of knights in literature and pop culture includes the Knights at the Round Table, the Arthurian Tales, The Knight's Tale, Don Quixote and the characters in the Monty Python and the Holy Grail which a movie that spoofed the tale of Arthur and his Knights that sought the Holy Grail.

No wonder you are looking for Knight Halloween costumes! They are a great part of our history and folklore. Put one on and go back in time.