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Germany is quite rich in history. Throughout many centuries, it has been separated into lots of dominions, all of them being ruled by a king or a queen, and every one of them wanted to have at least a castle or even more. Otherwise, wouldn't their neighbors laugh at them? Therefore everybody built castles, in miscellaneous architectural styles and different parts of the land. They built castles on plains and mounds, and even on high peaks, and they really were beautiful.

Obviously, every one of these structures degraded over the years, however, about a hundred years ago the Germans decreed they wanted to reconstruct their beautiful castles and they didn't stop until every castle was done. In our times there are various castles, manor houses and stately homes that are so beautiful that will leave a mark on any person who sees them.

Probably the most famous construction is the incredible Neuschweinstein Castle, a jaw-dropping structure. In reality this castle is somewhat young, because the Mad King Ludwig started building it in 1869 and was left unfinished (there were a few suites that were not finished after the the king perished in 1886. Nevertheless, it remains one of the best castles in Germany, because of many reasons. The setting, for example, was very well assigned. It rises on a rocky point in the mountains, in the province of Bavaria, near Munich. It has the appearance a fairy tale castle, seeing it's tall towers and spirals, and alabaster ramparts. In fact, in Disney Land they built Sleeping Beauty's castle as a replica of the Neuschweinstein castle. It was built by the most skilled craftsmen and engineers, and the fact that it has running water and flushing toilets on all floors is proof of that.

Second, the Wartburg Castle, is hundreds of years older than Neuschweinstein, being built in 1067 AD by another Ludwig. He was not an emperor, he was the Duke of Thuringia, and he had enough resources and man power to create a wonderful castle for his own. Thuringia was a great state in center part of Germany. This castle played an important role in the new ways of thinking in religion, because Martin Luther was sent there and resided in the castle for a few years, time which he spent to concoct his religious interpretation of the Bible and ignite the Protestant Reformation. These days, his writing table and the Bible which he processed, making notes and conceiving this branch of Christianity are kept intact and are put on display for visitors.

The Hohenzollern Castle is my personal favorite. It was the residence of the Hohenzollern dynasty, a family which was sovereign for a long, long time. Built in 1450, the castle was actually a small city, because this was normal in those times. People were making fortified bastions around the large castle for they wanted to defend themselves if somebody assaulted their territory. It was rebuilt a couple of times over its existence, and today it is one of the most famous castles in Germany.

There are numerous castles equally astounding, however these ones are what tourists visit more. If you ever choose to go to Germany, remember to visit them, as it promises to be an experience you won't forget!

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