I found that we needed an LED desk lamp for our computer desk at home. I wanted one that was of good quality and made durable so I went shopping and looked at many different types and styles of LED Lamps. I was able to come up the my own best LED desk lamp reviews that helped me to reach a decision on the desk lamp that I would purchase. 

The first lamp that I looked at was the Z-Bar High Power LED Desk Lamp. This desk lamp is made with 3 joints to it, these 3 joints allow me to adjust the lamp to any position that I need. I loved how flexible it was as well as the amount of light that it provided. This lamp has 66 LED lights but only uses 8.8 watts which makes me really like it. The LED lights should last up to 40,000 hours which is a really long time. The lamp comes in red, black and silver and I am liking the black the best. 

I also choose to check out the Humanscale Element LED Task Light, I loved how it has a 360 degree swiveling action, that means that I can turn it where ever I need the light to be focused. The LED lighting that is in this desk lamp should last up to 60,000 hours which would make it well woth its cost. This light is a durable light that I felt could stand up to the abuse that the members of my family may put on it. 

Z-Bar High Power LED Lamp- Metallic Black/Warm Generation 2
Amazon Price: $219.92 Buy Now
(price as of Feb 5, 2014)

I also checked out the Cicely Table lamp because of the way that it looked like a traditional lamp. I loved the look as well as the shade that came with it. This lamp came in colors of pink, lavender and green and held a spiral LED bulb. It was made of ceramic so it had a warmer look to it than a metal lamp. The base was a chrome finished metal and the base is crystal that also lights up. This desk lamp made my best LED desk lamp reviews due to the simplicity of the lamp. 

The SOLO LED Table Lamp was also one that I checked into. It has a chrome look that is slim and sleek and offers an awesome look. The dimmer switch was one of the features that I liked about this lamp,  you can easily adjust the lighting just by holding down the switch. 

There are many LED desk lamps that can be chosen to go with any decor and style of anyone's home.