Everyone knows Lady Gaga. She is that quirky and sometimes weird-dressing singer and performer rocking the entertainment world at the present time. Aside from being a hit or miss on various fashion authorities in town, her totally different getups serve as great inspiration for Lady Gaga Halloween costumes.

The approach that this performer has on the outfits that she has donned in front of the public has created different kinds of emotions from different kinds of people. While the fashion forward individuals are praising her for her creativity, the conservative ones are getting worried about her influence on the younger generations.

Those who love dressing up, on the other hand, are getting all the good ideas from her different ensembles. Here are the basics to every Lady Gaga outfit especially for Lady Gaga Halloween costumes. These are going to ensure that any onlookers are going to recognize that one is indeed channeling Lady Gaga.

1. Leotards - The best option for this one is Spandex, but any material that ends up hugging the body's curves is good enough. There are a number of choices when it comes to this one, and it is really up to the individual wearing it to decide on the specifics such as the color and cut.

2. Dark sunglasses - Angled and large dark sunglasses are so Lady Gaga. This is true even when the entire event takes place at night. Somehow, the massive eyewear is not really for the sun but for being fashionable.

3. Wig - This is something one can personally experiment with the way Lady Gaga herself has done so. One can be a blonde, a blue-haired nymph or have green waves. In the end, it is all about that spunky look and being able to carry it with confidence.

4. Heels - Heeled footwear are generally created to lengthen the legs and make ladies look taller than they actually are. Lady Gaga's closet of footwear includes a large variety of shoes, pumps and sandals that do not only accentuate her height but also emphasizes her legs.

5. Make-up - When it comes to the make-up, the best way to describe Lady Gaga's is in two words; different and exaggerating. This is something any Lady Gaga Halloween costumes should also have.

It highlights the Lady Gaga look and at the same time, creates that scary overall effect that any Halloween costume should have a hint of, whether it is for a simple trick or treat trip around the neighborhood or an all-night party at someone's house.

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