The attractiveness of a laptop does not really rely much on its design, color and brand. While these surely catch attention, the real attraction and likeability of a laptop goes beyond these superficial characteristics. Sensible consumers know very well that function beats fashion.

If you are to buy a laptop today, apart from having your budget in mind, also have a mental checklist of the important laptop specs to consider.

While saving up for your purchase, it is already ideal that you go around various computer shops and asking sales representatives or checking out information cards or manuals on display.

Know in your heart what functions remain essential to you so that you can narrow down your choices to those which actually just serve your needs.

Laptop Brand A may be really the best companion for games, but poor in other functions. Laptop Brand B may meanwhile work well with pictures and fancy options, but not very user-friendly for other functions. Know what works and what does not work for you.

As soon as you have narrowed down your options to those brands and types which actually suit your requirements, take a closer look on the laptop specs which truly matter.

Weight. Some people commute while others are lucky with their own transportation.

Some have to carry around their laptop on the topmost floors of the building, while others just basically use it in the office. Consider the weight-factor so that your laptop would not bring you undue burden.

Screen size. Relative to the weight is the screen size. Some people cannot stand working on a very cramped screen, especially when they utilize their laptops for client presentations.

Some people, like students or writers, can work with a small screen on the other hand. The screen size definitely contributes to the weight so evaluate honestly what works best for you.

Check the memory size, speed, operating system and basic drives. All these are very crucial for efficient work. Therefore, if you expect to store heavy files, consider the memory capacity and the costs of upgrade.

Do you need a CD/DVD drive to burn presentations or files or can you do away without it? Know what you need and check the basic drives you need if they are provided.

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