If you have decided that you are just not up for the noisy leaf blowers, then here is another great solution to that leaf riddled yard. A lawn vacuum or sweeper. It is exactly as it sounds. You push it over the yard, just like when you are cutting the lawn, except it picks up leaves, grass, clippings, pine needles, pine cones, nuts and twigs and debris, with a powerful vacuum force and mulches it.


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An electric sweeper is very powerful, and will do the job quickly and saves on you getting out the rake or trying to talk your kids into using the rake! They may actually fight over using this lawn vacuum. But which is the best style for you?


It all of course depends on the size of your yard. Owning a good sized yard, that is full every fall and spring with leaves, grass, pine needles and small branches, then you may want to invest in a powered one. It will mulch as well and compress all the debris into 1/10th the size. You can now put this in your compost, or in bags to be collected by your town. It is easy.

For a super large yard, that you usually cut the grass with a riding lawnmower, then you can purchase one that is much larger and can be pulled behind your riding mower.


You can either just collect the debris or have it mulch at the same time. This is great for a large lot with lots of trees that blanket the yard. You just attach this to your riding mower or tractor and take the same route you do for cutting the lawn. It saves you lots of time and effort.

For a smaller yard, or in town, then you may want to consider the hand powered style. This is basically a manual push style, that picks up all the same debris, but it collects it in a bag, but does not mulch it down. You need to empty this bag. But this may be great for an in town property, and for a compost heap you can put the debris in there. If you do not collect much, you can also spread it in your garden for mulch for the winter.

What type of Lawn Sweeper for You?

That should give you a good idea of your choices for lawn vacuums. Of course, you could do it the old fashioned way with the rake, raking it into piles and then trying to get it into composting bags on a windy day. Or you can hire the kids or the neighborhood kids, or you can invest in one of these. There are many on the market, and it is worth comparing prices for.

You just need to decide whether you need heavy duty or lightweight. Many of the home improvement stores and hardware stores carry these, and it wouldn't hurt to check out the prices online and the different makes and models as pictured here.

You may not have to use these very often, but they can save a lot of time and effort with your fall and spring cleanup, or even after a storm, if you get lots of twigs and debris.

You can use these vacuums on the sidewalks, your driveway and some models come with attachments, just like you would have with your indoor vacuum, to suck up the leaves and debris that are in your flower beds and in nooks and crannies. So, you can get every corner of your yard cleaned up of debris.