If you are like most people, you are probably interested in the leadership traits that make a great leader. There are several characteristics that great leaders have. Let's talk about some of them.

* Authenticity – Most of us have been a follower at least once in our life. When we have dealt with other leaders, it is nice to know that they are genuine. They have a sincere desire to change the world, or to achieve a goal.

* Desire to Serve – True leaders have the best of others in mind. Service is probably one of the most appreciated leadership traits. Leaders who have their mind set in the needs of others usually are successful.

* Empowering Others – True leaders are also more interesting in helping others to become empowered. They don't want to absolute power over those who they lead. Instead of seeking power, money, or fame for themselves, they have the desire to make a difference in the lives of those who follow them.

* Directed by Heart, Passion, and Sensitivity – Great leaders aren't only focused on the outcomes at hand, or the intellectual side of things. They are also driven by emotions and feelings.

* Understand Their Weaknesses – A true leader not only uses their strengths, but takes into consideration their weak spots. They not only rely on their innate abilities, but try to overcome the abilities that they lack.

* Lead with Rationale – Leadership traits also go beyond goals and feelings. When a person chooses to lead, they need to understand WHY they want to lead. True leaders lead with meaning and values.

* Build Lasting Relationships – True leaders also focus on the long-term side of relationships. They don't just think about short-term inspiration or influence. They want relationships to last for lifetimes.

* Unmistakably Clear Where They Stand – True leaders don't sway their opinion or values with the trends of the day. Followers follow because they know that they won't be lead astray. A true leader doesn't back down from his/her beliefs.

* No Compromise – When true leaders are put to the test, they don't compromise their principles or standards. They hold true to what they are.

* Develop Self – A true leader will also understand that leadership traits take a lifetime of personal learning and growth. They realize that they need to continually improve themselves.

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