Activities that involve stimulation and educational games are important for babies as they play a major role in developing motor skills, communicative ability, language and social skills. If you introduce your baby to a variety of games and activities early in their infancy they will have a better memory, greater hand-eye coordination skills as well as a better bonding with siblings and other family members. While playing with various toys infants develop a maturity brought about by an exposure to more sensory feelings. An increase in learning is easily achieved if you engage your infant with games that are easy to play.

Here are some ways you can play with your baby:

Games with Music and Sound

This is a good way to improve motor skills and enhance audition and listening skills especially while they sing, dance and clap when the music is playing. Babies love anything new that they hear especially voices and rhythms. They can also mimic some of the movements that they see. You can play radio music or CDs and the baby will clap to those songs.

Playing with Balls

When your infant plays with balls and soft toys there is an improvement in motor skills as well as muscle development. The baby can hold the ball in his hands or play with it on the floor or you can just throw it up in the air near his crib.

Word Games

When you repeat sounds and words your baby will be able to learn them quite easily. When call out names of objects the baby will learn the new word and associate it with the object. When you call out objects be sure to make it play for the infant since it makes it easy for him to remember at the early age. It also creates a feeling of comfort when the baby hears familiar words and sounds. 


This might seem like an ordinary game but it is invaluable in teaching children that if names of objects are called out they may not be seen but still exist. Peek-a-boo plays an important role in developing social skills in infants and helps them in understanding their surroundings better. This is a game that also helps babies to make out different expressions. Playing this game makes them bond well with other children who may be playing with them at the time.

Playing with Puppets

Puppets can be a great way to narrate a story and get the baby to respond with interaction and emotional expressions. After you relate stories with puppets infants tend to become more attentive when they get drawn in by the story.

Pop-up books

A good form of entertainment for babies is reading a pop-up book to him. The pictures with their color and depiction of objects will keep them engaged for a long time.

 Baby learning games can be good fun and an excellent way to develop various skills in babies.