Only around ten percent of the world’s population is estimated to be left handed. Of course, this means that peripheral manufacturers have often overlooked left-handed gamers and instead opted to focus their efforts on the larger market. Unfortunately, this means many left-handed gamers have historically been forced to use mice designed for those who are right handed. Alternatively, they could try and find ambidextrous mice to play with. However, manufacturers have started paying more attention to the plight of left handed gamers recently. There are now several high quality, purpose built left handed gaming mice available on the market to choose from. The question of what the best left handed gaming mouse is can now actually be addressed.

Razer Deathadder Left-Hand Edition

Razer’s Deathadder is a favorite among right handed gamers and now left handed gamers can pick up the same hardware. The Deathadder features a 3500dpi Razer Precision 3.5G Razer Deathadder Left Hand Editioninfrared sensor for enhanced precision and a 1000Hz ultrapolling rate for faster response times. Sensitivity can be adjusted on the fly and there are five independently programmable buttons that you can customize for your gaming needs. A seven foot braided cable, ultra slick Teflon feet, and a gold plated usb connector complete the package. At its price point, the Deathadder is near unbeatable in both performance and reliability.

Razer Ouroboros

The Razer Ouroboros isn’t a true left handed mouse, it is ambidextrous, but it offers completely customizable ergonomics that warrant it being considered by any lefty gamer Razer Ouroboroslooking for a mouse. The Ouroboros comes with an adjustable palm rest and interchangeable side panels to fit any kind of hand curvature or grip style. An 8200dpi 4G dual sensor system (optical and laser) will guarantee accurate tracking on almost any surface. The mouse’s liftoff tracking distance is also adjustable by the user. The Ouroboros comes with eleven programmable buttons. This includes a dedicated DPI clutch trigger. The Ouroboros is also wireless, but it comes with a cable for the option of using it as a wired mouse and for charging. When used wirelessly, power comes from a single rechargeable AA battery with an expected life of around twelve hours of continuous gaming.

Razer Naga

As with the Razer Deathadder, the left hand edition of the Razer Naga MMO mouse iRazer Nagas identical to the right handed model, but reversed. The Razer Naga features the same excellent precision and response times that Razer gaming mice have gotten a reputation for. In this case, it comes with a 5600dpi 3.5g laser sensor and a 1000Hz ultrapolling rate. The Naga also comes with three interchangeable side panels for ergonomics. However, the Naga’s unique feature and selling point is the 17 MMO optimized buttons Razer manages to pack onto the mouse, twelve of them in the form a “thumb grid”.

With the plethora of ambidextrous mice on the market and now Razer leading the way for manufacturers to produce left handed gaming mice, lefty gamers no longer need to pay for overpriced ergonomic mice from specialty stores or simply make do with regular mice.