Lego City construction toys make great presents for children at birthdays or christmas. There is a vast selection of kits to choose from, with something to suit everyone. Some of the most popular themes within the Lego City range are police, fire and construction. This article takes a closer look at a few of the smaller sets which are an ideal size and price to be given as gifts.

Trucks, trailers and motorbikes-all made from Lego! Set 4433 is the Lego city dirt bike transporter. This is a fantastic kit for somebody whose is new to Lego, it really sums up everything that is good about Lego bricks. The set has a heavy-duty off-road truck, a well equipped trailer and two dirt bikes.

Starting with the truck, this is a particularly nice model. This truck was just built to pull a trailer and it is obvious Lego have put a lot of thought into the design. There's spotlights on the roof for night time activity as well.

The trailer is very well equipped with cupboard and tools and therefore really helps with the playability of the set as you haul the motorbikes to the dirt track for the race! The trailer accommodates the two bikes nicely.

Price wise this is a value for money set, and it should maintain a child's interest for a long time.

Lego City Town Dirt Bike Transporter 4433

LEGO City Town Dirt Bike Transporter 4433
Amazon Price: $41.99 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 26, 2016)
Tow the dirt bikes to the bikes to the big race!

Set 4201 is Lego City's newest version of a loader and tipper. Priced at around $17.99 or less, this is a very impressive little Lego set. Lego really do seem to be putting a lot of thought into their designs this year, not just re-hashing earlier years' releases with a few minor changes. 

The set consists of two mini-figures, one digger with loading bucket, and one tipper truck. For as long as I can remember, Lego's diggers, dumpers and tipper truck toys have always been yellow, and somehow the yellow colour still looks right. In this set they are mining for gold, and the designs of the vehicles really enhance the set with some new pieces being used. The tall, sheer-drop windscreen on the tipper truck looks just the part. Both the digger and the tipper truck are well-built and sturdy, and will stand up well to playwear.

The two mining mini-figures compliment the set nicely, both have the newer style mining helmet with the light attached to the front, much improved from the old style red hard hats. Included also is a large rock boulder, which opens up to show gold, dynamite with timer and a roadsign.

Overall a very nice set, excellent playability and very good value for money. This Lego toy is highly recommended.

Lego City 4201 Loader and Tipper

LEGO City 4201 Loader and Tipper
Amazon Price: $39.99 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 26, 2016)
Mine for gold with set 4201 Loader and Tipper!

Lego's most recent car and caravan is set number 4435. In the box you get a car, caravan, push-bike and a camp fire. Whilst not the most exciting set, it is a very reasonable play set if you like a variety of vehicles to enhance your Lego city scene.

Starting with the car, which is yellow, it is a fairly modern design with chunky wheels, representing a modern saloon vehicle. There isn't too much else to say about it apart from it has a few nice pieces of Lego for the collector.

The caravan is a fantastic little model. The roof swings sideways allowing you to play inside, and both mini-figures can happily fit inside. The whole model feels quite robust and stands up well to playwear.

You get two city mini-figures to play with. These are fairly basic and standard, male and female, and nicely compliment the set. The accessories have been quite well thought out. Once the caravan is unhitched they can set off on the little red bike, which doesn't seem to have altered much since it was introduced by Lego over 20 years ago! You can't help thinking that a second bike would have really completed the set. There's also a campfire included as well as dinner accessories.

Overall this is a very worthwhile toy either for a beginner or for a Lego city collector. These are just some of the excellent Lego City toys available, to see some of the Lego Star Wars toys available, click on this link.

Lego City Town Car and Caravan 4435

LEGO City Town Car and Caravan 4435
Amazon Price: $84.29 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 26, 2016)
Hitch up the caravan and head off to the campsite!