Lego games are fun for kids as it is a toy that they will have to build before being able to play with it. It can be quite challenging for them which is a good thing as they will be able to develop their motor and analytical skills. There are a lot of Lego game sets that are being sold in the market and here are some of the most popular ones.


Atlantis Treasure Lego Game

The Atlantis Lego game is a favorite of many kids because its design is quite interesting and the game itself is challenging. It is like being able to play underwater without getting wet. You will have to be able to get ahead of other explorers in finding the sunken treasure while using your submarine. You will also have to fire obstacles along the way. It is a fun game that will definitely be enjoyed by both kids and adults.

There are many kids who are fans of Harry Potter. This is perhaps the reason why Harry Potter Hogwarts Lego game has become very popular. If you are familiar with the book or film, you will know that Hogwarts is the name of the wizards' school. While playing with it, you will be able to experience being in Hogwarts because of its intricate design. It includes secret passageways as well as moving staircases to make your playing experience even more enjoyable.

Toys that involve racing has always been a hit among kids. This is why many love to play with Race 3000 Lego game. While it is true that the rules of the game are simple, it will prove to me more challenging as it has shortcuts and features such as overtake or turbo booster to allow you to overtake your opponent. Make sure though to avoid the oil slicks on the way to stay in the race.

One of the most popular Lego games today is Pirate Plank. There are a lot of kids who love to pretend that they are pirates which is why it is not surprising to know that many of them enjoy this Lego game. There are pirates who have come to steal your treasure and what you will have to do is to knock them off their planks and feed them to sharks before they do it to you. The design of the Pirate Plank Lego game is great making it a set that your kids would want to display in their room.