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The best lens for wedding photography is dependent on many variables including what brand and model of camera you are shooting weddings with. This is too much of an intensive subject to cover in detail here as I am not aware of what camera you are shooting with. What we will cover here are the best lenses for wedding photographers in general speak. Should you buy a 75-300mm zoon for wedding photographer or a 50mm lens for shooting the brides and grooms?

One of the many attributes of a professional wedding photographer is the ability to e diversified when shooting pictures at weddings. The many lenses they have on hand make them prioritize which ones they will bring with them to the wedding to shoot. Here are a few lens sizes you should consider for shooting wedding photography.

100mm Macro Lens

A 100mm or a 105mm lens that is specifically able to shoot macro shots is a great lens to pack to a wedding shoot. The lens allows you to get close from a distance and shoot amazing up close and personal shots that are heavily detailed such as the bride’s rings, the cake topping, and even the cover of the bible used during the ceremony.

200-300mm Zoom Lens

A Zoom lens is essential at weddings. Even as a photographer you cannot always access the ceremony in the most vital ways, so you need to learn to adapt. Another benefit of a huge zoom lens is so that if you are taking a picture and something unique or memorable happens across the room such as the brides dad dancing with the bride and suddenly picking her up in the air, you will be able to capture the moment if you are prepared even though you are not located near where they are dancing.

What Photography Lens should I buy for Weddings?

As a professional wedding photographer you will not be asking this question. If you are interested in wedding photography then it is very important that you “shadow” a knowledgeable and experienced wedding photographer to learn how to properly shoot a wedding. If you are just starting out in wedding photography and will be taking pictures of a wedding for free simply to get some experience and need some advice on a lens to use for the wedding then I would suggest you use the 18-55mm Kit lens that came with your digital SLR camera. I would also suggest you get a zoom lens that can reach 200mm and is capable of true macro.

Ideally an 18mm-200mm macro lens as well as a fisheye lens would provide you with enough range to cover most weddings and capture some truly great images, however the lenses you use will be limited by the amount of money you can afford to pay.

Look for a camera price buster sale on a lens that you want. By buying your camera lenses online you can save a lot of money over buying from a local camera store.

If you are going to be buying your new digital SLR camera then instead of buying a Canon or Nikon consider buying a Pentax KX or a Pentax KR digital SLR camera. Really any of the Pentax SLR cameras will work great for most weddings. The major benefit of using a Pentax Digital SLR camera is that the cameras have true “backwards compatibility” with the entire lens made by Pentax. You can easily use a K-Mount lens from 1973 on your Pentax KR Digital camera and get professional looking pictures.

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The best lenses for wedding photography is dependent upon your budget, the venues you will be shooting at such as indoors or outdoors, the make and model of camera you have, and your experience. It is better to begin shooting one new lens at a time and get a feel for what works good for you and you are able to get sharp and good looking pictures while shooting on the fly as a roaming photographer at a wedding.

The same lenses that are used at a wedding can be used for Quinceanera photography as well as bridal photography. In order to gain enough experience to become a working wedding photographer you should consider earning a photography diploma or working as a photography assistant as you learn about modern wedding photography.

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