Lets Talk About the Coolest Light Up LED Novelties!

When you are having a party, there is nothing more cool than having some light up novelties for the guest. Light up novelties are very popular at kid parties, teenager parties, as well as young adult parties. Besides being used at parties, light up novelties are also very popular at any scene that has a night time enviroment such as concerts, raves, clubs, or any dancing atmesphere.

We are going to introduce you here to some of the most popular light up novelties. Though there are so many different novelties, we are just going to talk briefly about what we think are the most entertaining ones. It was a tough call as we did not list some other very popular light up novelties such as light up princess wands, light up pacifiers, or light up eye glasses to name a few.

Finger Lights

Finger lights are in my opinion the most popular light up novelty item. They usually will come in different colors of blue, green, red, and white. If someone were to want finger lights of just one particular color, many merchants have that option. Finger lights have an elastic band that is connected to them, the elastic band goes around your finger to hold the finger light in place above your fingers. Sometimes you may run across some finger lights that have rubber band or velcro instead of elastic.

Finger light are used for different occasions, usually the occasion is after sundown or in a dark environment. Many parents purchase them for kid's birthday parties, teachers will get them for school events, companies get them for company events, and ravers buy them for the rave events that they attend. Those who like dancing also enjoy finger lights as they can put them on and they look cool as they are dancing in the dim lighting of the dance floor.

There are different kinds of finger lights and though most people will get the regular finger lights, some of the other ones are really cool. The regular finger lights are the ones that most people now about but there are also fiber optic finger lights, race car finger lights, rat finger lights, spider man finger lights, and projector finger lights which to me are probably the coolest ones for elementary school kids. These projector finger lights have a little projector attached to the regular finger light and when they are turned on and the light hits a wall, a picture of a popular kids character can be seen. Some projector finger lights are of Mickey Mouse, Dora the Explorer, Snow White, and all kinds of other character.

finger lights

Bubble Guns

What is a party with out light up bubble guns? Not a very good one! Of course I'm just joking here, but light up bubble guns have always been one of the best light up novelties can kids and adults enjoy. If you have had a bubble gun in the past then you know what I'm talking about here.

If you have not ever had or seen a bubble gun then I will try to explain how they work real quickly. The bubble gun will come in a package along with a bottle of bubble solution. All you have to do is attach the bubble solution to the bubble gun and start shooting the bubble gun. Thousands and thousands of bubbles will come out one after another. I honestly must say that kids probably enjoy the light up bubble gun more than any other light up novelty toy. Most bubble guns do not make any noise and you might want it that way. For those of you who would like some special effect sounds when you shoot your bubble gun, search good enough and you can find light up bubble guns with sound.

There used to only be regular bubble guns in the past. They are now making many different kinds of bubble guns these days though. I have seen Panda bubble gun, Nemo bubble guns, Dinosaur bubble guns, Whale bubble guns, ect. There is also a bubble gun out there that is called the Big Bubble Blower. This Big Bubble Blower makes really giant bubbles straight out of the nozzle.

Bubble guns are most popular for kid's birthday parties than anything else. Although some parents many times just buy them for their kid to use on regular occasions as kids never really tire of bubble guns. Besides parties, I have known occasions when people have used the bubble gun at their weddings. I was not there but was told that they shot the bubble guns as they walked down the aisle.

Just a tip here if you buy bubble guns for a party. Look for a package deal that is selling 10, 20, 50, 100, or the amount you need. The cost for each bubble gun will come out so much cheaper than if you were to buy each one individually.


bubble gun

Flashing Mouth Pieces

Flashing mouthpieces are another popular light up novelty that is enjoyed by kids as well as adults. Basically you insert it into your mouth sort of like a mouth guard and your mouth area and teeth will look like they are lighting up with all kind of different colors.

Flashing mouthpieces are mostly used for kids parties to give away to the guest. Ravers also enjoy flashing mouthpieces a lot and like to show them off when they hit the local raves. Just like any other light up novelties that we have talked about, buy a package deal instead of individual pieces to save money.

flashing mouthpieces

Light Up Lightsabers

Light up lightsabers have always and will always be one fo the top light up novelties on the market. That is why whenever you go to a carnival or amusement park, you will always see the vendors selling them. They will usually come in a solid color with red, blue, and green usually being the most popular. Some lightsabers out there are multi-function lightabers which means that they have different color modes on them. Just hit the button and you will have a different color, or better yet maybe the lightsaber will start flickering and do some other color light effects. The size will also vary depending where you buy your light up lightsaber. Normally they will be anywhere from 25" to 30" long.

Light up lightsabers are a terrific gift to give out the guest at a kid's party. If you can find the pink ones, or the rainbow ones, they would be terrific to give out to the girls as they tend to like these color choices more. The boys usually go with the blue or green, though red is always well liked. One thing about these lightabers is that sometimes kids will get carried away and start playing too hard as they battle away. The end result is always a broken in half lightsaber with the winner still holding his/hers. This is not what these lightsabers were really designed for, they are a novelty item and though some friendly play is fine, they are not made to be rough with.


Crystal Star Necklaces

From the popular light up novelties that we have talked about here, the light up crystal star necklaces seem to be the one that is gaining popularity the fastest. Probably because they have not been around as long as the previously mentioned light up novelties.

These light up crystal star necklaces come in many different colors. They are real soft and you hang it around your neck, as it is a necklace. To turn it on all you have to do is squeeze it. To turn it off you just squeeze it again. Popular events for the light up crystal star necklaces once again are kids parties and raves.

crystal star necklace