Line 6 features some great sounding amplifiers that features modern components and make use of digital technologies with pre-set effects and other advanced components. They feature many different models and this article takes a look at a few of them that you can add to your amplifier collection at home. These amplifiers are great if you want one that has built-in effects and don’t want to spend extra cash on additional equipment.

Line 6 Spider IV 75 75-watt 1x12 Modeling Guitar Amplifier

This amplifier features 75 watts of power with a partial closed back cabinet for better response from the amplifier. It features over 300 hand crafted pre-sets from 50 of the world’s leading bands and guitar players such as Johnny Marr, Steve Stevens, Pete Anderson and more. You can use over 200 song-based pre-sets with the amp. It features 16 amp models with their characteristics, 20 Smart effects with four available at once. There are delays, echo, reverbs, pitch shifter, and others featured on this unit.

Use the headphone jack for quiet practicing and play along to your favorite CDs with the CD/MP3 input. A chromatic tuner on the unit helps keep you in tune. Spider owners also get free access to Spider Online, with lessons, amp tones, jam tracks and other features. This is a very nice amplifier for a solid state piece of equipment.  There are also other versions in various watts such as a 15 watt and a 120 watt amplifier.

Line 6 DT50 2x12 25/50W Guitar Amplifier

This amplifier features amazing amp tones and uses both solid state and tube technologies. The amplifier uses Bogner tube technology along with HD modeling technology to produce an amplifier that features the best of both worlds in one complete unit. The Line 6 HD modeling technology integrates with the tube design and brings warmth, depth, and feel into the amp voicings which all great amplifiers are based. You get great clean sounds, crunchy English tones, and that modern high-gain distortion popular with heavy metal. At high volumes the amp modeling allows the tubes to do their job and you get that natural tube color and tone famous in all the classic amplifiers of the past so you get the sounds you want at volume like a regular tube amplifier produces for you. The amp has a low power mode so you can use it in smaller gigs or for home recording where you don’t need or want full volume. Purchase a Line 6 PPOD device and connect it to the amplifier for even more sounds. The device features two Celestion speakers.

Line 6 Spider Valve MkII 212 40-watt 2x12 Guitar Combo Amp

This amplifier features amp modeling and tube tone in one. The 40 watts combine with two 12-inch Celestion vintage 30 speakers for amazing sound. The amp features 12AX7 preamp tubes, matched 6L6 power tubes, four channels and 128 user-programmable pre-sets. The 16 amp models on this unit are based upon vintage and modern amplifier heads and combo amplifiers. Effects on the amplifier include pitch glide, delay, reverb, quick loop, and auto-wah. The amp has two modes and in performance mode the signal uses both tube and amp modeling while in the studio mode it uses amp modeling only, The amp features a built-in tuner and outputs for headphones, and other devices. Youc n also buy an optional foot control for this amplifier.

Line 6 Spider IV HD150 150W and 4x12 Guitar Half Stack

This Line 6 half stack amplifier features advanced Line 6 amp modeling with over 500 pre-sets for a wide variety of vintage and modern sounding amplifier tones.  The tones featured are modeled after famous bands and artists. Use up to 64 pre-sets to shape and mold your own tones with this amplifier. Create, edit and share new tones with the Spider IV edit software. You can send the tones to other Spider players and you can get more effects for the amplifier from Line 6 for even more possibilities. This is one great amplifier to own and it will keep you producing quality guitar tones for years to come.

Great Line 6 Amplifiers

Line 6 makes some nice amplifier and have models that use the best of old school tube technologies and models that use the new amp modeling features for a wide range of tonal possibilities. These amplifiers are good for guitar players who can’t afford all the vintage expensive great but still want to produce old and new guitar tones with their amplifiers. Check out some of the Line 6 amps you’ll like what they have to offer you as a guitar player.