Lip Balm

Chapped lips can be a very annoying and painful experience to have. They're a very common issue when the weather is cold but it can be a problem in any part of the year.

Fortunately, chapped lips are not that difficult to treat. It will require some discipline on your part and a bit of habit creating, but otherwise it's very easy and there are a lot of products than can be used for treating chapped lips.

Lip balm is a special ointment designed specifically for use on the lips to keep them moist and helps in the treatment of sores and cracks. Different kinds of lip balms are made using different ingredients, and these can range from petroleum jelly to beeswax, which is considered a "natural" ingredient. It is different from lip stick and lip gloss because the both are used for cosmetic purposes only.

What's with Lip Balm?

Most of us have probably heard the rumors about lip balm being an addictive cosmetic. They say that some of ingredients being used in lip balms are addictive which causes our lips to become chapped incessantly which makes us use the product constantly. However, no scientific evidence has been found to support this claim. So what's with the rumor? This so called addiction is nothing more than the result of people who are used to having soft and supple lips whenever they constantly apply lip balm to it, and eventually stop using the product. People get hooked to using it over and over again, but they fail to understand the fact that over moisturizing is completely harmless. So, it's more of a case of vanity rather than addiction.

Your tongue is the one responsible for keeping your lips moist most of the time anyway and it's very likely that this "addiction" is just a habit that was developed from having a distinct feel on your lips. Your lips will tend to feel dry if you stop applying lip balm to them, but the fact is they're not dry at all.

Lip balm is just like any skin moisturizer. The only difference is it's made waxier so that it'll stick to your lips. Environmental factors like the wind, air-conditioning, and indoor heating are the main factors causing your lips to dry. So it's not a sign of an addiction to lip balm. You're probably hooked to it because moist lips feel more comfortable than dry ones. And no, there is no addictive connection between lip balms and chapped lips. Not even tamphor, an ingredient in lip balms, can cause addiction. Lip balms work by forming a temporary seal to lock in moisture, and it's impossible for a barrier made of oil to take away your lips' moisture. Remember that oil and water don't mix so petroleum based lip balms are the way to go for chapped lips.

What's in it?

Common ingredients used in lip balms are cocoa, beeswax, petroleum jelly, and shea butter. All ingredients do an excellent job of providing moisture to the lips with very little side effects.

Businesses and organizations should treat a custom lip balm as another marketing and advertising tool at their disposal. The ingredients for a custom made lip balm commonly contain petroleum jelly, preservatives and artificial flavors.

The general ingredients in lip balms are mineral oil and waxes, both of which are non-addictive. This further disputes the claim on "lip balm addictions" as being nothing more than harmless habits. Lips are particularly prone to environmental stress, sunburn and certain types of skin cancer, so using a lip balm with SPF 25 or higher really can save your kissable lips.
And there are currently no known addictive ingredients being used on lip balms out in the market.

How Do I Choose the Best Lip Balm for me?

There are a ton of lip balm variations to choose from. When selecting a lip balm always consider whether you need it as a source of medication or not. Medical lip balms are used for treating cold sores and chapped lips, while the ordinary ones are just for moisturizing purposes. Tinted lip balms are also available for those who want to add some color to their lips. It doesn't last as long as lipstick, but they give out a more natural look and come out lighter than lipstick. Non-tinted lip balms come in varieties as well. Those designed for men don't add shine to the lips and lip balms containing sun screen are also available for those who are fund of going outside. Kids also have lip balms made for them and come in many flavors like lemonade, orange, and soda pop.