Looking for a liquid eyeliner that goes on quick and stays on all day, here are your best options from the department store.

Liquid eyeliner gives a sharp, trendy spin to even the simplest eye makeup look. However, if you have a liquid eyeliner that does not stay put all day long your gorgeous look can morph into something scary by lunch time. Finding a liquid eyeliner that is good quality, stays put and delivers dense color is simplified for you here, with the best of the best options you can find at your local department or specialty stores. These options will keep you looking fresh and fashion forward from breakfast until last call at the nightclub, too.

Best Liquid Eyeliners from Department and Specialty Stores

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner is available in five shades and receives almost perfect reviews. The applicator of this liner is like a felt-tipped pen making application less messy than if you used a brush tip. Another advantage to this style of applicator is that it is simple to use and create multiple looks depending on how you hold and angle the product. Pigment levels in this eyeliner are exceptional meaning there is no fading throughout the day and the colors represented on the packaging are right. Because of these benefits, this product is rated very well by reviewers and is a good value because of the quality of the product. Suggested retail price is $20.

The Artliner by Lancôme has been around longer than many other liquid eyeliners on the market, and is a leader in department store liquid eyeliners. Like the Stila product described above, the Artliner has an applicator that is like a felt-tipped pen. One major difference, though, is that the Artliner applicator is dipped into a well with the liner in it, instead of having the pen-like device filled with the product. The Artliner is also waterproof and rarely gets a bad review. With six colors to choose from you have all the best basics available readily available. With the consistent performance of this product and the stellar reviews it provides a decent value at the suggested retail price of $29.50

Characteristics of Best-Selling Liquid Eyeliner

The products described above have a few things in common, especially their style of applicator. Making applying eyeliner easier for those who are newer to the process, or those who simply want to be done with applying their makeup quickly and simply, is a key aspect of having a best-selling liquid eyeliner. In addition, these products are waterproof, wearing well throughout the day without sacrificing color or performance. While there are not a full rainbow of shades available, the most popular eyeliner shades are there to give your liquid eyeliner selection some color variety.

The main difference between these department store offerings and those you find at the drug store is the quality of the applicator and the pigment levels. While there are some drug store liquid eyeliners that are reviewed equally as well, typically they do not wear as long throughout the day, or as evenly. One other distinct benefit to using products like these from department stores is that typically they will allow you to return the products, at least for store credit, if you did not like them.