Looking to get great makeup at even better prices? Here are some of the best-reviewed and most affordable liquid eyeliners on the market.

Busy lives mean less time to spend hunting for the best makeup options at department stores and specialty stores. Saving time and saving money are two wonderful reasons to try some of the makeup options available at your local drug store or big box store. If you are looking for a liquid eyeliner that will stay all day and give your look that touch of drama there are plenty of options you can find while you’re at the store picking up that birthday card and laundry detergent. Here are two of the best-reviewed choices you can find while running the rest of your errands. Save yourself some time and some money by trying these out first.

Best Liquid Eyeliners from your Local Drug Store

Revlon Liquid Eyeliner retails for less than $8 and has reviews that shower it with praise. Users describe the product as longwearing, easy to apply, and having great color payoff all at a price less than half than many competitive department store products. While the color choices leave a bit to be desired, most users are happy with the choices of Blackest Black and Black/Brown.

L’Oreal Paris Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner is tied with the Revlon product for the top spot among reviewers. Felt tip applicators are a huge benefit to makeup novices making application almost fool-proof. Reviews state that this particular applicator is a great multi-tasker because it provides a thin sleek line and a thicker more dramatic quickly and simply. Retailing under $9, this eyeliner also only comes in a few shades but the quality is stellar among its drug store peers.

What Makes a Great Liquid Eyeliner?

The biggest complaint women have about eyeliner is that it does not stay put. No matter what form of eyeliner you are choosing from, that is always the biggest concern. Liquid eyeliners look especially crisp and clean, giving definition and style to any eye look you create. Without staying power, however, these liners will give you a great look but only for the first few hours of the day. Great liquid eyeliner is one that has staying power, good color density and pigment levels and does not irritate the eyes. When hunting for the perfect product for you, finding one that has all three of these important benefits can take some trial and error. Be ready to try more than one product before you find the best one for you, though the two options listed above should be at the top of your shopping list when you are looking for new liquid eyeliner.

How Are Drug Store Liquid Eyeliners Different from Department Store Options?

As mentioned above, the things that make liquid eyeliner great are also the things that are hard to find all in one product. Sometimes department and specialty store options are more expensive because they use ingredients that are less likely to irritate sensitive eyes, or have higher amounts of pigment in them providing more dense color with just one swipe of the liquid liner brush. This may not be the case with all pricier choices, but it is up to you to find the best product for your own personal needs.