It’s hard nowadays to receive a loan. Loan providers are strict in their requirements and interest rates are high. However, many people still have to acquire expensive things like a house, boat or land. This is in most cases not possible without a loan. Fortunately, there are a few providers online where you can borrow money easily. The purpose of this article, therefore, is to describe the best loan providers on the internet.


E-LOAN is one of the best sources on the internet for borrowing money. Their rates are reasonable and furthermore the service is very good. They are verified by various loan security organizations, so they are also trustworthy. E-LOAN has received the following awards:

  • E-LOAN rated#1 as the best mortgage website (Keynote)
  • E-LOAN ranked as one of the Top 20 Companies for Privacy (Ponemon Institute)
  • E-LOAN ranked#1 for Customer Respect (The Customer Respect Group)
  • E-LOAN listed in the Top 20 Safest Places on the Web (Computer World)

The only disadvantage of this loaning service is that they do not support countries outside the United States or foreign currencies.

This is one of the simplest online borrowing services. is highly recommended for people that borrow online for the first time. Furthermore the approval rate is very high, almost 4 on 5 people that apply are granted a loan. is without doubt the fastest loan provider. If you apply today, you will receive the money in an hour or less. You can also compare all other loan providers here with an online comparison tool. However, this website is solely for United Kingdom based users, so for people from the United States it is quite worthless.

This website has the best service regarding online loans. Loan experts of the company are ready 24/7 to answer all your questions regarding borrowing money and everything related to this. They also have an online support function that enables you to chat directly with employees of the company.  However their loan percentages are a bit high. The other services described in this review are way cheaper. However, if you need money now and don’t really care about how much you have to pay later and you want good service, is the way to go.


Borrowing money online is very easy. The approval rate is much higher than at a local bank. Furthermore you will receive the borrowed money way quicker. If you are new to borrowing online I would recommend and, because they have the best support and a simple interface. For more experienced users I recommend Finally, for people living in the United States, E-LOAN is the best option without doubt.