When it comes to ease, a log cabin floor plan can't be beat. These sorts of designs are usually uncomplicated and rarely pose a problem, as even the most green of designers are able to construct their own.

The least difficult of log cabins present a single room design, which includes an area to cook meals, place to eat, sleeping quarters, living area, and a place to store items that are neatly packaged within the same room.

A bathroom is usually hidden in the same space or attached to the back of the cabin. Additional floor plans separate the space into two rooms, where you have one section dedicated to the bedroom and bathroom, while the remainder of the space is set aside for the living room, kitchen, and other sections.

Issues sometimes arise when you attempt to create a floor plan that is simply too demanding for the space of a log cabin. When it comes to the interior walls of a log cabin floor plan, keep in mind that they can become more difficult than with any other type of home.

This complication only worsens when you start getting into the assembly of plumbing, electrical wire, and other items that run through the interior walls. Come to think of it, the more advanced the interior plan becomes, the harder it is to come up with a suitable floor plan.

As a matter of fact, the most complex designs are often far more difficult to design than the log cabins themselves. The most tricky are two-story cabins, or cabins that offer lofts, where an additional structure is included in the plans to hold up the second story.

When keeping a log cabin floor plan uncomplicated – let' say with no more than two or sometimes three rooms – you shouldn't face much difficulties when you start to design it without any help.

However, if you have your mind set on something more advanced, and you really want something that offers more than one story, you should seek out the assistance of someone who knows best, such as a professional architect or engineer.

Nevertheless, even when you face this kind of situation, you might want to create the plans in advance by yourself, as it will become an easier task to accomplish when you can explain your vision with the help of a design on paper.

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