Long Sleeve Soccer Jerseys - Affordable Team Uniforms

The fact that soccer is played just about year round means having long sleeve soccer jerseys is essential for most teams. Not having them will make your team vulnerable to any undesirable elements. If it is cold and your players are uncomfortable on the soccer field, their performance might suffer. In order to find the right long sleep soccer jerseys you need to find a retailer that can create custom jerseys for you.

How To Pick Out The Right Long Sleeve Soccer Jerseys

When you're choosing your long sleeve soccer jerseys the most important factor is going to be finding someone that can replicate the look of your current uniforms. If you are not picky about the material of the uniforms, then this should be your number one concern.

You might also want to consider the material the long sleeve soccer jersey is made out of too. You want something that is heavy enough to keep players warm, you want something that will not soak up the players sweat and make them more cold, and you want something that is all around comfortable for your players.

The best choice to accomplish all of that is to buy 100% wicking polyester jerseys. This keeps the players warm and comfortable at the same time. The unique combination of playing an active sport that creates a lot of sweat in cold weather elements creates a challenge for picking the right jerseys. Wicking polyester should be your go to choice.

How Much Do Long Sleeve Soccer Jerseys Cost?

Simple jerseys will cost anywhere from $25 to $55 depending on the style and material. If you want to buy long sleeve soccer jerseys for your entire team, you can likely find a bulk rate. This might fall in the $15 to $25 per uniform range. The material you choose and the overall design you need will ultimately determine how much you pay for the long sleeve soccer jersey.

If you are looking for a few extra jerseys for yourself individually, you can find them in the $25 to $55 range. Adidas and Nike both produce high-end jerseys that are suitable for any player of any ability level. It might not be a bad idea to have a few spares of your own.

Where Can You Buy Long Sleeve Soccer Jerseys?

If you are buying them for your team, you might be best served finding a local retailer that provides custom team jerseys. They will be more likely to give you a bulk rate per jersey and it will be more beneficial to have a personal contact with someone. You can work with them face to face to find exactly what your team needs and they will be more than happy to take care of you.

If you know exactly what your team needs, you might be able to find it at an online retailer. Soccerpro.com offers a wide selection of long sleeve soccer jerseys. You can find what you're looking for there more often than not.

The right long sleeve soccer jerseys will help you protect your team from discomfort in the cold seasons. Be sure to find a material and design that fits your needs.