Longboard skateboarding is a variation of the original and basic skateboarding, only that it uses a longer board. The length contributes to the weight and the bulkiness, making it unfit to be used to perform the regular skateboard tricks.

Longboard skateboarding has its own set of tricks and techniques. Before anyone could execute advanced longboard skateboard tricks, there are three basic things that a player needs to know and master. These are the sliding, skurfing and breaking.

The slide is simply running through a platform or ground continuously and smoothly. With skurfing, imagine surfing with a skateboard- that is basically what it is. Stopping is putting breaks.

This is one of the most important techniques that anybody should master for safety and control reasons. There are several techniques that can be applied to break. The most popular include sliding, this allows for a decrease in speed when applied properly.

Another longboard skate board tricks applied to perform breaks is the use the force of the wind to aid the in breaking. It is performed by stretching out both arms to increase wind resistance and cause to slow down and eventually stop.

The other technique is called the turns wherein the player shifts to another terrain where there is more friction to cause the deck easier to stop. Make sure you know how to stop on a skateboard before you try these.

One can also try putting one foot off of the deck to apply a break but this is proper only when the speed is not that much. Getting off of the board totally may sound great but actually this should be the last thing to be taken, when everything else is impossible.

Once these tricks are perfected, the player can start working on the variations and combos of longboard skateboard tricks such as the frontslide, one footed ollie, cross stepping, pop shove it, etc.

These tricks include the technique of doing slide, which is actually one of the hardest parts to learn. Make sure you know how to turn on a skateboard and have mastered the basics before moving on to harder tricks.

Practice makes permanent so if you fail after 3 tries, do not be discouraged as this is normal. Performing and practicing the tricks always require the use or proper gear. This includes the helmet, knee pad and elbow pads.

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