best low calorie drinks (24645)The Best Low Calorie Drinks

Too many people are eating and drinking too much of the wrong stuff, and we have an obesity epidemic to show for it. How come we're consuming too much of the wrong stuff? In general, are we eating too much? Yes, and also the wrong foods. Are we drinking too much? No, but we're not drinking the right beverages.

We need to drink more low calorie drinks to stay hydrated. Pepsi, Coca Cola, fruit juices and alcohol are not what I'm talking about! Drinking less of these drinks can help you manage a healthy weight. Better yet, cutting out high sugar drinks will make you feel fresh and full of energy. In this article, you will learn what you should drink more of and what you should reduce.

The #1 Low Calorie Drink is Water

Water keeps us clean and healthy. Good ol' H20 has 0 sugar, 0 fat, 0 carbs, 0 protein. Yet, it does give you an energy jolt. That's because all of the cells in our body need it to survive. It cleanses your body when the cells need to get rid of their toxic waste. Your body weight is mostly water too. Water thins your blood, making your heart's job a little easier. It makes your skin look great. It makes your skin look great. Drink plenty of water!

If you want a taster glass of water, spice it up with a squeezed lemon.

Another great reason: Water is cheap! At a restaurant, why fork out money for a soda when you can get free and delicious water?

More "Best Low Calorie Drinks"

TEA - Tea has many health benefits. Green tea, Chai tea, Earl Grey, and so on. Tea is high in anti-oxidents, which are cancer fighting. Definetly one of the best low calorie drinks! Drink lots!

COFFEE - Coffee is also a healthy drink. It is loaded in antioxidants. Warning: do not add excessive (or any) milk and sugar. Due to the caffeine, restrict consumption in the evening.

DIET DRINKS - these are OK in moderation, but they do stimulate appetite. The jury is still out on diet drinks and their negative health effects. Examples include Crystal Light, Diet Coke, Coke Zero.

If you want another drink...

Settle for a glass of 100% fruit juice. An orange, however, is far healthier than orange juice. Similarly, an apple is healthier than apple juice. Unless your active and exercising, try to cut down on juice intake, especially when it's not breakfast.

Stay away from...

  • Pop / Soda - zero nutritional value, high in sugar.
  • Sugary juices - limited nutrional value, high in sugar.
  • Energy drinks - zero nutritional value, excessive amounts of caffeine. Unsafe for youth.
  • Vitamin Water - not as big of vitamin content as you might think, and it's loaded in sugar. As is with 100% juice, you're much better off simply eating the fruits and vegetables that give you the vitamins. The body is far more efficient at extracting vitamins in this way.

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