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Hartmann luggage - Hartmann trunks

There are so many options for luggage on the market that it can be difficult to choose a luggage set that is quality made using only the finest leather and materials, will last a long time, looks good, is worth the price paid, offers many versatile pieces as well as makes a fashion statement for a quick weekend getaway or the busy business executive traveler.

If this sounds like what you are looking for in luggage, then the best luggage - Hartmann luggage is worth taking a look at and investigating further since it has all of those features and more.

Best Luggage – Hartmann Luggage

best luggage - hartmann luggage

Hartmann luggage first came into the luggage market in 1877 in Wisconsin, USA and is currently based in Tennessee, USA founded by Joseph S. Hartmann and used aluminum and steel as the base for quality made superior luggage.

Hartmann luggage uses only the finest quality leather and materials for premium and superior luggage making it the brand of choice for the most discerning of travelers.

Hartmann luggage is not only practical and functional but, also expertly crafted by some of America's finest designers and craftsman giving it the reputation of the definitive American purveyor of stylish carrying bags.

Hartmann Luggage – A History of Excellence

Hartmann luggage - Hartmann trunks

Joseph Hartmann recognized the desire of Americans to own quality luggage in the early years when only the wealthy and or famous had the ability, time and means to travel. Those early travelers not only wanted luggage sets and individual pieces of luggage that were well built and roomy but, also showed sophistication and a fashion sense.

Luggage trunks became wildly popular with the invention of railway travel and were used by celebrities, royalty and all the rich and famous travelers of the time because they were large, sturdy and could hold a complete wardrobe suitable for extended stays.

When air travel began in the 1930's it was considered a most glamorous, exciting and trendy type of transportation and the luggage created by Hartmann matched the lifestyle of those with the ability to fly, especially internationally.

The 1950's proved successful for Hartmann luggage as they rolled out the basswood instead of aluminum and steel to create a more lightweight and durable luggage set that gained notoriety when James Bond as 007 carried a lightweight Hartmann Skymate suitcase.

In the 1960's, Hartmann luggage began catering luggage designs to suit women who were mainly responsible for the bulk of Hartmann luggage sales. Many styles, colors and patterns started to emerge to reflect the styles and desires of women taking cues from the fashion industry.

Hartmann luggage was the first company to design a three piece carry- on luggage wardrobe set useful in air travel with the invention of the overhead compartments in airplanes in the 1970's.

Hartmann luggage was also a pioneer in manufacturing the business suiter luggage tote that became popular for business travelers as a convenient carry on.

To this day, Hartmann luggage continues to create exquisite and luxurious luggage that is well made and fashionable for men and women, for business or pleasure and the most recent of collection of the Hartmann Wings Collection with the Oxford Weave fabric continues to be made with the ever present inspiration of quality workmanship and craftsmanship. It's sharp and perfect for the busy business executive or anyone climbing that ladder to success.

Hartmann luggage offers a complete line of luggage in wheeled luggage choices; garment bags, business briefcases and many businesses use the Hartmann products as business incentives to reward their hard working and best producing staff members.

Hartmann is dedicated to customer service and stands behind each and every product that they create. Keep your proof of purchase should anything ever arrive to you in less than impeccable condition.

Hartmann Luggage – Great Gift Idea

hartmann luggage for women

The best luggage – Hartmann luggage would make a great gift for yourself or someone that appreciates the finer things in life. Many people search for gifts that are made in USA and Hartmann luggage fits the bill. You do get what you pay for and although Hartmann luggage may be more expensive than some other brands, it will last much longer than most and many trunks and single pieces of luggage become family heirlooms for generations to use, love and share.

Search for Hartmann luggage at luxury stores online such as the official website, or even find some luggage deals at and other online luggage stores. There are some pieces on luggage clearance and even discount luggage can be found at Hartmann luggage, especially in November and December for holiday shopping. Take advantage of discount luggage prices at Hartmann and give one of the best loved gifts ever!

Other Hartmann Luggage made items that could also make great gift ideas include any of the Hartmann leather accessories such as wallets, travel organizers, executive writing folios, passport covers, cosmetic case, backpacks, day tote, the new ipad cover, or even a Hartmann pet carrier would all make unique and great gift ideas. Once you see, feel and use it, you'll agree that the best luggage – Hartmann luggage can't be beat in terms of heirloom quality, design, appearance, durability, fashion and longevity.

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