dwellAlthough this article is titled "Best Magazine Subscriptions for Architects," you will find that all of the recommendations below can also be enjoyed by fans of beautiful buildings in general. If you're the kind of person who marvels at what humanity can build and appreciates the beauty found in a lot of buildings and homes then you've got the right article. If you or anyone you know fits the description above they will love a subscription to any of the publications that follow.

Best Architectural Magazine Subscriptions for Architects

Architectural Record is a magazine that keeps people up to date on what is happening in building design around the world. It does this by providing articles on new products, trends, building science and engineering, design ideas, discussion of key problems, strategies used by professionals and more. This would make an excellent subscription gift to someone who does it for a living or hard core fan.

Dwell helps readers explore both the interior and exterior of modern home design. The photos are absolutely amazing and there will be loads of ideas one can absorb from each issue. Be warned, however, that if you are someone who wants to implement some of the ideas seen in this publication you will need a lot of money; it is definitely geared towards high end home building.

Metropolis magazine tries to cover every aspect of home design from architecture to landscape design to urban planning. If choosing some magazine subscriptions for architects this may or may not make them happy. I do believe it would be perfect for someone who is interested in architecture as a hobby.

Unique Homes is more of a real estate magazine strictly speaking, but architects will love it as it showcases some of the most unique high end mansions in the U.S.

eVolo is an architecture magazine that focuses on advances, sustainability and imaginative design for the 21st Century. Their goal is to promote, debate and discuss ideas coming from schools and professional studios around the world. Articles delve into the reality and future of building design with current news, events and projects. Although it doesn't come out that often and it isn't exactly cheap, it is truly an amazing publication. In some cases you may have to buy the issue instead of subscribing to it.

Architect is a monthly magazine that informs readers with breaking news, inspiration, business tips and ideas for skill development. Definitely made for those in the business as it describes itself as "The magazine of the American Institute of Architects".

Azure is another one of those magazine subscriptions for architects that tries to cover the entire spectrum of building design. Articles talk about designers and architects all over the world, major trade fairs and new products and technologies.

Icon is a British magazine that covers the best of what the world has to offer in architectinternational design and architecture. Once you take a first look at this publication's beautiful design and informative content, you'll be interested in subscribing. The price is a bit steep for those of us here in the states but may be worth it to some.

Greensource magazine is focused on making buildings greener and safer for the environment. Articles on the latest in sustainable design, case studies, green products and policies by building owners will keep those interested in this type of architecture coming back for more.

Architecture Plus is and international magazine that seeks out excellence in buildings that cover Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Many other magazines often neglect architecture from the emerging world and this publication fills that void quite nicely.

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Local regional architecture magazine subscriptions for architects are also available to those willing to do just a little more research. Your best bet is to start off by searching publications focusing on larger urban areas where populations are greatest (Miami, Las Vegas, Palm Beach, Dallas, etc.). Keep in mind that there are a lot of other magazine subscription gift ideas that can fit a wide range of personalities if you can't find anything you like above.