Entrepreneur magazineIncredible as it may seem, finding some magazine subscriptions for entrepreneurs to learn and be inspired by is pretty easy. For some reason magazine racks love to keep them in stock which is a clue to their popularity. They may not sell as well as other kinds of publications but they have a devoted following of dreamers; the dream that one day they can own their own business.

Magazine Subscriptions for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur is a magazine that would make a perfect subscription gift to someone who is thinking about starting a business. You'll get tons of inspirational stories fuel your enthusiasm and useful tips and tricks to grow your financial endeavor. Examples of past article titles include "Top Ten Franchising Trends for 2011," "A Wiser Use of Space: How to Set Up Your Home Office" and "Building a Brand on a Budget."

Inc. magazine is chock full of practical information for a business owner who is just starting out or for those who have been at it for a while. I especially like the use of real life examples explaining why a company has failed or succeeded. Articles that have appeared in past issues include "The Art and Business of Motivational Speaking," "A Smarter Way to Make Sausage" and "How to Kill a Bad Idea."

Fast Company will be a pleasant surprise to those who have read other business publications only to fall asleep from boredom. The best magazine subscriptions for entrepreneurs are magazines like this one. It has plenty of useful advice, is entertaining and follows the companies of today (and tomorrow). Past article titles include "Made to Stick: The Quest for the Perfect Name," "Boing Boing" and "The 100 Most Creative People in Business."

Success: What Achievers Read is perhaps one of the best magazines out there on personal development (especially in relation to business). Each issue is full of ideas, tips and strategies from leaders that help others achieve success through personal growth and development. Articles from past issues include "Conquering the 6 Deadly Fears of Entrepreneurship," "What to Do When Your Dream Fails" and "Kathy Ireland: Model, Mother & Mogul."Fortune Magazine

Fortune is a global business magazine that focuses most of its articles on larger, established companies and economical events that affect them. Past article titles such as "The 100 Best Companies to Work For," "The Talent Chase" and "Ralph Lauren: Inside the $4 Billion Polo Empire."

Franchise Times is one of the few magazines devoted to objective news on the latest franchises and inspirational success stories related to them.

• A Forbes magazine subscription can be given to several kinds of people as it covers stories involving business, investing and the wealthy. Although the publication does not focus on entrepreneurs specifically, there is still a lot one can learn by reading this periodical. Some past articles include "The Best Colleges & B-Schools," "The 400 Richest People in America" and "The Celebrity 100."

Many people don't realize how much courage it takes to just admit that one day they want to start and run their own business. It's a scary process because you know that one day you will have to take that leap; the leap that can propel you into bankruptcy, wealth, barely surviving or leading a comfortable life. If an aspiring entrepreneur chooses the right kinds of magazine subscriptions it can go a long way to giving them a solid base on which to build their dreams on. If by some chance you don't want to choose a publication from above, keep in mind that there are plenty of other magazine subscription gift ideas that are suitable for a wide range of personalities.

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