filmmakerDeciding on which magazine subscriptions for filmmakers to get for that future director can be a little tough in that the magazines aren't always easy to find unless you live in areas like Hollywood or New York. If you know someone that you think might be interested in making movies as a career one day I guarantee they would love to receive a subscription to one or more of the magazines below. Maybe that future director you know is you?

Movie Magazine Subscriptions for Filmmakers

Filmmaker: The Magazine of Independent Film does focus on smaller films quite a bit but doesn't completely overlook larger films. If picking out magazine subscriptions for aspiring filmmakers you could do a lot worse than this one.

There are interviews with people that make a film possible, coverage on new technology and how-to articles covering all aspects of making a smaller movie. Past articles such as "25 New Faces," "The Big Art/Little Debt Plan" and "How to Market Your DVD Online Part 3" make this publication very popular with those who want to learn the craft.

Moviemaker: The Art and Business of Making Movies is not only helpful but very entertaining as well. It often has interviews and behind-the-scenes articles on current popular films of the day as well as financing strategies, product reviews and great photography.

Some examples of past articles include "20 Coolest Film Festivals: 2010," "25 Must-Have Apps for Moviemakers" and "George A. Romero Speaks." Anyone interested in making movies at all should get a subscription.

Filmmaking for DummiesCredit: Amazon.comScript is brought to you by the same people who make some of the best screenwriting software available today – Final Draft. As any director knows, if the script is no good, the movie is no good. This magazine delves into the nuts and bolts of screenwriting and also serves as a source of inspiration from some of the best writers in Hollywood.

A few examples of past articles include "The Top-10 Scriptwriters of the Decade," "Puppets or People? Writing Dynamic Roles Actors Will Want to Act" and "The Producer/Screenwriter Relationship." If you are unsure of what magazine subscriptions for filmmakers to get someone, then start with this one.

Daily Variety is one of the leading magazines of the showbiz industry and is based in Hollywood to make sure it gets all the news that people need to know. A lot of very influential people in the filmmaking business read this publication. Another good second choice would be The Hollywood Reporter.

Sight and Sound is well known British magazine published by the British Film Institute. You'll find lots of movie reviews, in-depth interviews and retrospective articles each time you open up this title. It is especially well known for its "greatest film" polls, although some people often accuse the magazine as being snobbish and elitist.

American Cinematographer goes behind the scenes on every type of movie you can imagine (big, small, international or domestic). You'll find interviews with directors, cinematographers, and other collaborators who are involved at every stage of production. Examples of past articles include "DVD Playback: Doctor Zhivago," "Artistry and Conscience" and "Testing Digital Cameras." If someone is interested in the technical side of movies this would make a good magazine subscription gift. This one (along with the next one) would be the most general of the movie gift ideas you see here.

Boxoffice is a publication that delivers updated news on films that are in development or production. You'll find movie reviews and exclusive interviews with producers, industry insiders, directors, stars and more. Some examples of past articles include "Ballad of the Bone-Breaker," "Who - Or What - Makes You Decide to See a Movie" and "Fight To The Top: Kick-Ass."american cinematographer

P3 Update is a trade magazine that provides readers with informative articles on preproduction, production and postproduction of films. A lot of industry insiders involved in film, TV, documentary and music video production subscribe to this magazine.

Back Stage: The Actor's Resource, as the name suggests, is an important resource for people who hope to star in films of tomorrow. A subscription can give you access to some of the most trusted casting notices in the industry in print and online (through their website).

You may be the type of person that can't necessarily afford the above magazine subscriptions. For filmmakers, especially those still learning the craft, keep in mind that they would more than likely enjoy back issues just as much as current issues. There is still a wealth of knowledge in previous issues and while I can't guarantee you'll find some cheap, it is possible. If you run across some at a flea market or on EBay, then buy them up for a future gift (or for yourself). Trust me, it won't matter that they are used and looked at; that aspiring director will be happy. Also keep in mind that there are a lot of other magazine titles in the market that fit a wide range of personalities if you don't want to use one of the above.

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