Every Day with Rachael RayAmazing as it may seem, the best thing about picking out magazine subscriptions for food lovers is that everybody loves food, selection is abundant and it's easy to recognize a cook. You should be able to find that perfect publication whether you like decadent desserts, healthy vegetarian dishes or exotic meals of other countries. While it is true that recipes can be found on the Internet in abundance; nothing beats sitting on the couch and flipping through a magazine showing you the finished product.

Cooking Magazine Subscriptions for Food Lovers

Every Day with Rachael Ray, while not necessarily for die-hard cooking fans, is a fun read with lots of inventive and quick recipes. The magazine definitely mirrors the personality of Rachael Ray, so if you don’t really like her shows, you may not enjoy the magazine. Yum-O!

Food Network Magazine would make a great subscription for anybody who enjoys watching the Food Network. There are some recipes, but it isn’t full of recipes. The rest of each issue is filled out with product reviews and interesting tidbits about your favorite chef’s from your favorite shows.cooks illustrated

Cooking Light is an excellent publication for anybody looking for healthy but tasty food recipes. I never knew that these types of meals could look so good plus most of them are easily affordable. A solid second choice would be Eating Well.

Cook’s Illustrated is perhaps one of the highest rated cooking magazines on the market today and is perfect for those just beginning to delve into good food and drink. Recipes are specifically designed to be made by regular people instead of trained chefs. Oh, and let’s not forget the gorgeous artwork covers. I wish they would make those paintings available as food posters or art prints; I would love to have them on my wall.

Saveur takes you around the world as it explores authentic cuisines from other cultures with detailed recipes and beautiful photos. You’ll find out where they originated, their history and even how the ingredients are used. A real gem that is not mentioned often enough along with other food and cooking magazines.

Vegetarian Journal, as the name suggests, caters to readers that eat meals that are vegetarian friendly. Two other similar magazine subscription ideas would be Vegan and Vegetarian Times.

Bon Appétit is one of the top magazines that deal with not only food but wine, travel and entertaining as well. This publication can be enjoyed by a wide range of people, from beginners to experienced cooks to those that enjoy cooking as a hobby. Although not being published anymore, if you can find back issues of Gourmet magazine they will be well received.

Food and Wine content is obviously aimed at people who have a certain level of wealth, but the advice can be useful to anyone. It tries very hard to give you information about hot or trendy products, restaurants and destinations.

Everyday Food is brought to you by Martha Stewart Living so you know recipes will be relatively simple and affordable for the average person to duplicate. A lot of the recipes have a nutritional breakdown so you know exactly how healthy the meal is before you make it. Food lovers will definitely enjoy a magazine subscription even though it comes to them in digest form (this just makes it easier to put into your pocketbook).saveur

American Cake Decorating lets anyone begin to learn the fine art of icing manipulation by providing amazing designs and detailed step-by-step instructions. You’ll find useful information for the beginner as well as intermediate as well as good content on tools and products.

Gastronomica is not a cooking magazine in its strictest sense, so someone expecting it to be full of recipes will be disappointed. You’ll instead find interesting (and sometimes entertaining) quotes about food and articles that celebrates various types of foods with in-depth detail. Some might describe it as the “New Yorker” for food. This publication would not make a good subscription for just anyone, so be careful when choosing it.

It’s no surprise that food is discussed so often in our society, after all we need it to stay alive. It is amazing how preparing food a certain way can completely change its flavor; one way we love it, another way we spit it out. That is why so many of us love food magazines and why so many of us subscribe to them. It’s hard for me to believe that so many good ones are done away with. If you don’t like any of the above choices keep in mind that ther are plenty of other magazine subscription gift ideas out there for you to choose from. Feel free to leave some comments if you know of a good one that I missed.

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