American PhotoTrying to choose the best magazine subscriptions for photographers to give as a gift can be a harrowing experience if you don't know too much about the industry. The thing to remember that photographers don't just appreciate publications that teach them new methods or tricks on taking pictures; they will also appreciate a subscription to a magazine with examples of beautiful photography. This opens up the choices quite a bit, but the good thing is that most periodicals dedicated to taking pictures already know this. All of the suggestions below assume you are using a semi-professional or professional camera.

Photography Magazine Subscriptions for Photographers

Outdoor Photographer can help you get that perfect shot of nature that can take the breath away of admirers. As the name suggests, most of the articles focus on preparing yourself and your equipment to deal with weather, how to get a great shot (patience is one secret) and favorite places you can go to get a great shot.

American Photo is dedicated to inspiring sophisticated amateurs and professionals alike with creative high end photography and behind the scenes interviews with the rockstars of the industry. The "artistic" images in the magazine may not be suitable for younger eyes.

Aperture is a quarterly magazine that many professional photographers already subscribe to. Photojournalism pictures definitely outweigh art photos in each issue. The pictures and the magazine are of the utmost quality, and as a result, past magazine back issues are highly collectible.

LensWork is a black & white publication that focuses less on the equipment used and more on the creative aspects of photography. You won't find any product advertising in this one; all you'll find is interviews and portfolios.

Popular Photography would make a good magazine subscription choice for those just starting to take pictures as a hobby or for those who want lots of product reviews. A good general purpose publication on the industry.

Professional Photographer is perfect for an established portrait or wedding photographer who already knows their stuff. The publication is the official magazine of the Professional Photographers of America and produced for those who want to know the current pulse of the industry, improve marketing or sales for your business and learning new business ideas.Black and White (38548)

B&W: Black & White Magazine brands itself as "the magazine for collectors of fine photography." You won't find a lot of articles or reviews in this one, but you will find superb photos on quality paper. A perfect choice for ideas and inspiration.

Digital Photographer is a British publication loaded with beautiful photos, useful tutorials and product reviews. A bit expensive for us in the states, but I know several that think it is worth it.

JPG magazine showcases the most striking photographs that are submitted to Each issue is based on votes and input from the community choosing the best of the best.

Digital Camera is another quality British publication that would be perfect for beginning and intermediate level photographers. Each issue is filled with quality how to's and tutorials with the purpose of improving your photos. Expensive (because of international shipping), but well worth it to a lot of people.

Digital Photo Pro is often mistaken for all flash and no substance because of the amazing cover, but all you have to do is pick up an issue to discover the truth. It makes a great magazine subscription for photographers as it has reviews on the latest technologies and articles on the latest techniques.Photo Technique

Photo Technique takes photographs from some of the best known photographers in the industry and explains the technology, reasoning and methods used in creating them. Each issue really goes in depth on how to get some stunning shots.

Photoshop User is not technically a photography magazine, but if you know someone that uses Photoshop (and a lot of photographers do) then this is perhaps the best publication you can buy on the subject. Whoever you give it to, they won't be disappointed.

Picking out a quality magazine subscription for that photographer friend of yours as a holiday or birthday gift can really bring a huge smile to their faces. And the good thing about getting a subscription as a gift is that you won't have to spend all that money on photography equipment that they may or may not like (photography is an expensive hobby). If you don't see something from above that you feel like getting, just keep in mind that there are plenty of other magazine titles that can fit a wide range of personalities.

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