As you are doing your back to school shopping, it is important that you do not forget the beauty aisle. While your supplies for learning are important, so are the best makeup products to help you look your best when you are sitting at your desk learning.


Even if you already have a selection of cosmetics that you use on a daily basis, now is a good time to revamp your look. You can make small changes to your daily beauty routine just in time for going into the classroom and seeing your fellow students.


Best Makeup Products for Hitting the Books this Year





Back to school makeup mineral foundationThe foundation that you choose to put on your skin every morning sets the stage for the rest of your look. It can help you to look more awake and ready to tackle your day. It can help your color to blend seamlessly. This one cosmetic item is probably the most important item that you will put on in the morning.


If you have not tried it yet, you need to start using mineral makeup as your foundation. This all natural powder is great is great for all skin types. It can give you that natural glow without making you look and feel oily like some other formulas do. This makes it ideal for wearing in any weather and for helping you to look more awake then you are probably going to be when you head back to school.




There are many ways that you can choose to go when it comes this best makeup products for back to school. You can go for a natural every day look for your eyes. There is also the more trendy looks that you can do like doing a smoky eye. The sky is the limit when playing with these fun cosmetics.


The key to getting the best item for your long days in the classroom is to get a formula that lasts. One of the best items that you can get that lasts a great deal longer is Revlon ColorstayEyeshadow. These colors will last for hours.


These eyeshadows come in great multi color packs that are great for using and for your wallet. The shades that you will find in this item are a wide range of colors that will suit any mood that you are in for the day.


A quick top to help your eyes look even better is that you can put concealer on your eye lids before your powder. This helps to hold onto the powder to help it last even longer. You will also notice the colors that you are using will look brighter with this method.




One of the most overlooked areas when it comes to makeup products are the ones that are designed to go on your cheeks. Whether it be bronzer or blush, you want to pay close attention to what color that you are putting on your cheeks. Creating the best looks for the school year will definitely include this product.


Revlon Colorstay cosmetic products do have a line of blushes that are great to use. They last all day and are very easy to apply. The list of colors that this powder is available in will fit all of your needs.


For the best day time look, you will want to use a light pink or rose color. This will help to give you that natural blushing look that is very in right now. Your blush is an anchor for your lip color. One plays off of the other. This is why it is important to choose the best one that you can to look great.




Your best back to school look this year is going to include a glossy lip. This is the trend in the magazine and on the runways.  It is also what you are going to see on your class mates walking down the halls.


Loreal Infallible Lip Gloss comes in a large selection of colors and has a glossy finish that will not fade. One of the problems with wearing lip gloss is that it does not last. You would not even get to second period with most brands. This one will last until the final bell.


There are a few variations of this back to school makeup product that this company makes. You will see them lined up in your beauty aisle. One of the more fun options that you will want to try is the lip plumping formula.




Nails are one of the areas of beauty and makeup products where you want to go wild and try out new things. Nail art has become one of the hottest things to do right now. From painting on your own nail art designs to using those apes, no one will be sporting plain nails this year when the bell rings.


If you are more artistic and want to try painting on your own designs, then you have to pick up the Shany collection of nail design polishes. This great collection has a variety of colors that will let your inner artist soar.


Do not worry if painting is not up your alley, you can still have great looking nails with the nail tapes that have come on the market. These are easy to use and you can get them by Sally Hansen.


All you have to do is to apply the nail tapes that you want to wear. Trim and file them down to fill all of your nails. When you are done apply a layer of clear top coat and you are ready to go.


Back to school time is when you want to look and do your best. This is why making sure that your shopping list this year contains some of this top makeup products will have you well on your way to being at the head of your class when it comes to style. You can shop online for these products to have them easily delivered to your door just in time for the first day of school.


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