Every day the temperature seems to be hitting all time record highs this year. It seems that just about anything would melt if you put it on your skin including makeup products. The great news is that this not the case.


There are some great makeup products for hot weather that you can add to your daily beauty routine when the temperatures start to rise. This list will have you looking great no matter where your day might take you. So make sure that you pick up a few of these items to get your beauty routine hot weather ready!


Tinted Moisturizer


When the hot weather comes, you want your routines to become easy and quick. This means getting your makeup products to do double and sometimes even triple duty. A great example of this is tinted moisturizer.


One quick dab of this product applied over your face can do many things. It can hydrate your skin which is some important with your summer beauty routine. This product will also help to protect your skin it if has an SPF in it and even out your skin tone. This is an all around must have item.


Mineral Makeup


If you want to even out your skin tone when the weather is hot but you do not want to use a different moisturizer then you already use, mineral makeup is a great summer beauty alternative for you. It is light weight and all natural.


The all natural powder allows you air to flow freely to your skin. This helps to keep your color no matter how high the temperatures go. This makeup product is also good for your skin. It will not react to any irritations that you might have like a sunburn.


Lightly brush on this powder and it will blend easily with your skin color. This is great for when you get a little color to your skin and a foundation would no longer match.


Cream Blush


One complaint about makeup worn during the summer is that it disappears too fast. With sweating and being out doing things, your color can disappear fast. This means that you need to use cosmetics with staying power like cream blush.


You can use your fingers or a makeup sponger to dab a little bit along the cheekbones where the sun would naturally hit you. You can do this with many different colors of blush or even some of the great cream bronzers that are out there.


Waterproof Mascara


We all know that mascara can help to frame your eyes and any look that you want to pull off. It can help you to look more awake and full of energy then you are actually feeling. The truth is that this is one piece of must wear makeup.


The problem comes during the hot weather. Sweating and being splashed with water can make normal formula’s run.  This is why it is important to invest in a quality waterproof mascara. When applied and allowed to dry completely, this product will stay put all day until you remove it with makeup remover.


Lip Balm


Your lips are one of the most sensitive parts of your face. When hot weather hits, they are the first body part to get dry and crack from the weather. You need to take care of your lips with a hydrating lip balm.


Now you might think of this hot weather makeup product as more along the lines of skin care. However, there are some reasons to think of this as a beauty item. Many give the high gloss finish of a lip gloss. There are some brands that tint theirs so that you will have some color to your lips.


Bright Nail Polish


During hot weather, we tend to keep the color that we use our face to a minimum. This is for many reasons, including wanting to go with a more natural look. The one place where you can really let your inner crayon box lover go is with nail polish.


Whether it be on your fingers and toes, you can go wild with bright colors during the summer months. Putting a bright pink on your toes will be all the better when you put on a fabulous pair of sandals.


Another great thing to do is some nail art. You can get fine brushes and paint designs on your nails to show off to the world. Gluing on some rhinestones will make your fingers and toes sparkle in the sun.


Light Scent


Final piece of a perfect makeup look for this time of year is a light scent to pull it all together. You might not think about how you smell going with your look. However, you should. People use all of their senses when they see you so take advantage of this.


Many of the top beauty lines come out with light floral fragrances that go great with the higher temperatures. You can also use body mists from a bath and body line of products. A quick squirt and you will be ready to head anywhere. This should always be the final step for any look that you want to do.


Having the best makeup products can help you to look your best no matter what the weather man might say the temperature is going to be. You will look great whether you are chilling by the pool or running errands. There is no reason not to put your best foot forward now that you know what to use.


Once you purchase these great beauty items, why not give them a great light weigh t way to carry them. A bright colored makeup bag is the perfect thing to hold all of your hot weather makeup products. This will make it easy to take your stuff with you when you travel and for quick touch ups on the go.


Embrace the warmer weather and show off your style this year. With these beauty tricks, you are going to be the talk of the town when you step outside.