Looking to make your makeup last all day, or touch up through the day without messing up the makeup you have on? Here are two of the best options for setting your makeup.

If you want your makeup look to last all day, you need to set it. The most common type of setting products are powders and they are extremely popular because they are convenient, work well and are simple to use. Here are the two best makeup setting powders, though they are vastly different meaning one should work well for you, even if you do not like traditional powders.

Best Setting Powder that is not Powder

Mally Beauty launched a clear setting product that is not exactly a powder. The Evercolor Poreless Face Defender is one of those products that you do not exactly understand, but once you try it you fall in love because it is truly one of the best setting powders you can find. This product is described as one that “diffuses the look of pores and fine lines, helps makeup last and last, and helps protect your makeup look.” The finish it provides is matte, but not powdery. Sometimes powders can make you look matte, but cakey, and that is not the case with the Evercolor Poreless Face Defender.

The texture of the product is like a dense cream and it is applied with a sponge. To apply with a different tool would negate the benefit you can see. To apply, you lightly press and twist the sponge into the surface of the Face Defender and then tap the product on to your skin. It will not look like there is anything on your face, the only first difference you will notice is the slightly more matte look to the skin. Do not keep applying to the same area until you can see it however, move around the face tapping or dabbing the sponge into the skin to apply. Once you think you have covered your whole face, step back and look in the mirror for any spots that are shinier than another. Reapply only in areas where needed. The pressed product is convenient for touch ups throughout the day as well, because you can just keep it with you and touch up in the restroom during your breaks as needed. This product is good for any skin type, but is amazing for those with oily skin who have oil breaking down their makeup by lunchtime.

Best Selling Traditional Setting Powder

The Bare Escentuals/Bare Minerals Mineral Veil is the best setting powder when it comes to overall sales. It is labeled “natural” and is translucent so all skin tones can use it, though there is also a tinted version of the original product for those with much darker skin tones. This product has been around for decades, which is a big reason it is the hands-down best seller. In recent years there have been new versions of the product launched that feature things like hydrating spheres, sun protection factor and extra light-reflective particles to give a range of products so each person can find their own personal favorite.

No matter your personal preference, one of these two products should fit the bill for your needs. Whether you want to go natural and dust on your powder every morning and get a refillable brush to use through the day as needed, or bring your compact along for touch ups as needed, using one of these best setting powders will keep you looking great all day.