As women age, our skin needs change and so should our makeup applications. We need to find makeup for mature skin that gives us that lift and glow we are looking for as well as enhance our natural beauty.

Let’s face it, the heavy painted on makeup we may have worn at age 18 may not look so great at age 55 and beyond, so we need to revisit how we wear our makeup to enhance our best features throughout our life. 

If you are finding yourself in a “makeup rut” then maybe it is time for a change. 

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Best Makeup for Mature Skin is Very Light in Texture

There are many foundations and makeups on the market and it can make your head spin trying to figure what works best for you.  But one thing is for sure, you don’t want a heavy foundation makeup as it will tend to sit in any fine lines you have making you look older than you are.

Many women wore the heavier makeups thinking it would hide imperfections, but by the end of the day much of this makeup would end up in the fine lines of our faces and not make our skin look so good.

If your foundation is doing this to you especially by the end of the day, then maybe it is time for a change.  You want to feel good about your skin and not enhance the parts you would rather hide. 

There are a few products that have come out on the market to combat this, and one product that I personally have found to work very well is Oil of Olay Moisturizer with a touch of Foundation.

This is basically a moisturizer that you use on your face that just happens to have a hint of skin colour. 

It is so light in texture that you don’t even know you are wearing any foundation or makeup.  It will not sit in any lines, and there is just enough tone to this moisturizer that it gives your skin an even tone which in turn makes your skin look smooth, brigher and with a natural glow while it moisturizes at the same time.

Lighter Shades of Eye, Blush and Lip Colour

You may also want to change to lighter colours or a more natural look which is fashionable at any age but even more so for mature faces.   The idea is to enhance your natural beauty with some great tones that match your skin, face, hair and personality. 

One area you don’t want to go overboard on is the blush.  You want it to blend nicely into your cheekbones and enhance your skin tone and add a healthy looking glow rather than red circles that you quite often see.  The idea is to make it look natural and not added.

The same goes for the eye area.  If you have areas of your eyes you don’t want to enhance it has been suggested that you stay away from glittery style shadows and stick to a matte powder style to enhance your eyes.

Beauty Revival Book

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This is a great book for anyone who wants to change their look and make a fresh start.

Visit a Cosmetic Counter for Advice on Mature Makeup Application Ideas

If you are looking for a change, but are unsure where to start, then head to a major drug store or department store in your area that has a well-stocked cosmetic counter.  The clerk behind the counter is usually well trained in makeup and will be able to assist you with ideas on changing your makeup applications.

Try and go to see them during a weekday if you can, when it is not so busy and they can spend time with you.  They will recommend products or ideas and usually have samples of most makeup products to give you an idea before you buy anything.

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Makeup for Older Women Starts with a Clean Fresh Face

Start with the basics no matter which direction you go, and that is to use a gentle cleanser and a good moisturizer for nighttime and a lighter moisturizer for daytime.  You may find that your skin is a little dryer as you mature and a bit dull, so by using a good cleanser that is not too harsh you will get rid of any dead and dull looking skin.

Fighting Lines on Your Face

We have all earned those laugh lines and life lines, but maybe you don’t want them to show quite so much now, so using a good nighttime moisturizer that helps with fine lines and wrinkles will help to enhance your natural beauty no matter what your age.   Then sticking to a very light tinted moisturizer will help to make your skin tone look even.

There are many products on the market to help ease the look of lines and wrinkles.  I personally like the Oil of Olay line, but whatever you choose to use, it will work best if you stick within the same make of the product for your night and daytime applications.

Oil of Olay has a great lineup of moisturizers and anti-wrinkle nighttime creams that you may like to try.  I personally have found the Oil of Olay a great line of mature skin care.

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