Just as the bride has a maid of honor, a groom also has a best man. You're chosen to be best man for many positive reasons and playing as the groom's advocate, it is essential that you don't fail the handsome groom especially when the moment comes and you're about to give your best man's speech.

If you're working on your best man's speech but find yourself unable to weave fitting words for the groom, the soundest option is to look for wedding speeches online that will facilitate in giving you a great speech to remember.

One of the best sites you can come across with is Instant Wedding Toasts. This site offers clients with wide selections of wedding speeches that will suit every kind of relationship a best man have with the groom and the bride as well.

For further points to keep in mind, breaking down your best man's speech into different sections should mainly comprise of the following:


Make the introduction brief and concise. Be straightforward and convey your thank you messages to the new couple, the groom and his family.

This will allow you to segue into a short history of you and the groom's friendship without missing on significant details.

The Body

The smooth transition of the introduction will help you get to the very gist of your speech. The body of the speech can be anything about the groom, how he is as a buddy, the groom's positive and unique traits, and your fondest memory of him.

You can also say a little something about how the groom has changed the time he met his girl, and now his wife. Remember, keep everything well-detailed but to the point.

The Closing Remarks

Before you propose a toast to the newlyweds, say a parting message first to the groom, to the bride, and to the both of them.

Take this as an example: "{Name of the groom}, as you move out of a bachelor's life completely, ensure that you make the most out of it to give your wife and your future children a happy fruitful life.

{Name of the Bride}, it's you who know very well how to handle George's positive and his not-so positive side, I am certain that you're going to be a wonderful, loving and patient wife.

To the both of you whom I cared for dearly, may your dreams of a happy marriage become a reality. Congratulations!"

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