If you're the best man, you are probably excited that you can expect to receive a gift from the bride and groom. If you're a bride or groom, looking for ideas for best man gifts, you may be desperate. Regardless of your case, you need some tips to figure out what is best.

Chances are that the best man is someone you know very well. The first step for you is to figure out what they like. No, the best man gift doesn't always have to be cufflinks or a Swiss army knife! In fact, the best man will probably appreciate it more if you tailor the gift to fit their needs or wants.

Does the best man like sports? Think about getting an aerial view of their favorite sports stadium framed. Better yet, get him tickets to his favorite sports team. This isn't to say that all best men like sports, but many of them do.

If the best man is more into functionality, think about getting them something they'll be able to use. A very nice pen set is one great example. This is especially appealing if your best man likes to do crossword puzzles or other things that require you to have a pen handy.

Make a list of all the things you know your best man likes. The greatest best man gifts are always those that fit the personality of the recipient. Once you've made your list, do an Internet search to see if you can find things that will work for them.

If you're desperate, ask people around you for suggestions. There are many friends and family members who've had to select best man gifts as well. You truly never know what creative suggestion they will have.

Also, ask men if they've ever gotten a best man gift that they didn't particularly care for. If this is the case, think about whether it was just a bad gift or didn't fit their personality.

If you plan on buying all of your groomsmen the same gift, it can be harder to pinpoint something about their personality. Some people choose to get the groomsmen a smaller gift, and get the best a man a special gift that's unique to him.

Best man gifts can be a lot of fun to purchase, but do take some careful planning. It would be a true shame to just purchase a generic gift, when there are so many great options out there. The gift will be something your best man will hold onto forever, so make it a great one.

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