I bet you just got asked by your mate to be the best man at his wedding, and after the excitement started to wear down - you started to worry about what being a 'best man' actually entails.

Most people know about the speech, but let's take a closer look at some of the responsibilities of being a best man, and a couple of other handy little pieces of information.

  1. The Bachelor Party
    The bachelor party has become world famous as a crazy drunken rampage the night or days before the grooms wedding day. Movies like 'The Hangover' have done a great job at promoting places such as Las Vegas and the 'mst go' destination for bachelor parties - but you have a lot more options that you can consider.

    The groom selected you as best man because you are the one that knows him the best. So why not make the bachelor party a mixture of things that he loves - be that poker, car racing, PlayStation or whatever.

    You can have a fantastic and memorable night without the craziness and the bride will thank you for it - when the groom rocks up to the wedding in one piece.
  2. The Speech
    Probably the most memorable of all speeches is the best man speech. There are a couple of things to remember to make your speech one to remember, and that is:

    • Tell funny stories - and lots of them.
    • Talk about the groom growing up.
    • Share how the bride and groom met.
    • Toast the happy couple.
    • Share notes from those who couldn't make it.

    If you do this and keep it short and sweet with humour mixed throughout, then you should be safe!
  3. The Rings
    As we turn to the ceremony, it is important that you do not forget the rings. While it may be funny to pretend to forget the rings, actually forgetting them is a whole different story.

    You will be given the rings, most likely by the groom and it is your job to keep the safe in your pocket until the minister asks for them.
  4. Making The Grooms Day Problem Free
    Other than that, it is the best mans responsibility to make the grooms day as smooth as possible. So if there are problem, take care of them and let the groom enjoy his special day with his new wife.

    Being the go between with the photographer, communicating between them and the bridal party is a simple thing that you can do, that will releave a lot of stress from the couple.

These are the main responsibilities, but just make yourself available to do whatever it takes to make the bridal couples day happy and memorable and you will be doing your job right!