Many men make the mistake of thinking that they should be the focus of the best man speech themselves. This is an error that could really offend the bride and groom.

The speech should focus on the couple, and be very well planned. It is ok to mention your relationship with them and share a funny anecdote, but don't get carried away.

If you're worried that you'll include too much of your own stories into the best man speech, you might want to consider using a generic speech that someone else wrote for public use. You can, of course, tweak this to meet the needs of the couple you're representing.

Many of the speeches you can find online are actually quite good. They are written by authors who have either been a best man before (so they know what you're going through), or by someone who has extensively researched the topic.

In fact, you may find that you have more time to relax if you use a pre made speech as a framework. Staring at a blank piece of paper is a terrible thing for many people. At the very least, a generic speech can get your brain going. This is especially important to do if you've never given a best man speech before.

When it comes time to actually give the speech, throw in some personalized comments about the couple. Be very careful not to include too many stories and anecdotes about yourself. This day is all about the newlywed couple.

If you do end up making a mistake, just move on. Nothing is worse than trying to explain your mistake to the other reception guests. It is ok to make light of the situation, but not to dwell. Think about dancers you've seen. If they fall down, it looks tons better for them to just jump back up and start dancing again. If they were to just sit there explaining what happened, they look a whole lot more silly.

The same is true when you're giving your best man toast. It's not about you, so accept any mistakes and move on. People will appreciate the fact that you kept on going.

Using a generic speech can help keep you from making these mistakes. Even if you decide to write one on your own, keep a copy handy in case you start to fumble around for your words. This isn't to say that you should read the paper without having ever glanced at it before. Practice makes perfect so you'll definitely want to rehearse beforehand.

Giving the best man speech is a real honor. You can simplify the process by using a generic speech, and giving it a twist. If you do fumble your words, just keep going. Maintain your confidence and you'll have the best speech ever!

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