Are you the best man? Are you going to be giving best man speeches at a wedding reception and you aren't sure what to say? Well if you are unsure what you are going to say, here are some tips for helping you to come up with funny best man speeches that are sure to make everyone laugh at the wedding.

Before you begin, the most important point that you want to keep in mind is not offending any of the wedding guests with your Best Man Speeches. Therefore just because something you saw on late TV was funny, this does not mean you should try to repeat it in best man speeches. The key here is that the best man speeches can be humorous but should be tasteful at the same time. A good rule of thumb is to stay away from controversial topics in best man speeches like religion and politics or the groom's previous relationships with other women.

Think of some jokes about the groom with regard to his hobbies, job skills or personality. But don't be mean or nasty in the best man speeches. Make sure that the joke that you think of is something that you have joked about with the groom before so that you know that he will laugh about it when you say in the best man speeches.

Find a prop like a old toy, some terrible fashions that the groom wore in the past, or a school award that you can use as the prop for your jokes in the best man speeches. Tease him about it lightly but don't go too far. You can even ask the family members of the groom to help you locate the prop if there is something that you remember from the past but you don't own it yourself.

Tell a funny story in best man speeches about how the bride and the groom met especially a story that you were involved in. This would be something like telling how you had to help the groom fix his car because it broke down on the groom's first date with his new bride. This would be a good example of a lighthearted funny story that you can include in best man speeches.

Don't spend the entire time ragging on the groom. This is not a roast. You can tell a few jokes but you should quickly move the speech to another topic like thanking everyone for coming to the wedding or complementing the bride and her family. Another great idea is close out the wedding speech with a tribute toast to the bride and groom. Here you can be more serious and wish the bride and groom a happy life together and tell them what a great match that they make for each other.

These are just a few ideas for keeping best man speeches lighthearted. Get creative with this and try to come up with as many ideas as possible before writing best man speeches and then pick them best ones to actually include in best man speeches.