Best man speeches are one of the most important parts of weddings. Traditionally, together with the married couple's parents, both the best man
and the maid of honor are given the privilege to give out a speech. If you have been requested to be a best man on a wedding, you'll have to do your best to prepare a great speech. If this is the first time, this task could be challenging, therefore planning in advance will help a lot and you'll have time acquire the necessary confidence to speak in public.

What should you talk about in your best man speech?
Best man speeches have to be quite short and simple. As a rule of thumb, your speech should last no longer than five minutes, so to give other speakers time for their own. It's also fundamental that your speech is heartfelt. You could start by greeting the people in the reception, then follow by extending your congratulations to the bride and groom.

If you know the groom from childhood, you can tell one or two anecdotes of how he was as a boy or as a young man. Your audience will be entertained by hearing something funny and, as the groom's best friend, you are the perfect person to tell such stories.

However, it's extremely important that you don't offend anybody. To make an example, it would be inappropriate to talk about groom's past girlfriends, or excessively embarrassing moments. You must not ruin the groom and the bride's special day.

Funny lines are welcome, but ensure that your jokes in a good taste. Remember that children, or sensitive people, could be present during the occasion, therefore you should measure carefully the words you use.

To close your speech, you should or express your personal wishes of fortune and happiness to the married couple. Again, whatever you say must be heartfelt. Finally, you will conclude your speech with a toast to the couple's health and happiness.

The structure of a Best Man Speech is not so difficult after all, is it? Remember the key points, and keep in mind that your speech should be relatively short and spoken from the heart. This will guarantee that you will make a great impression on your audience. If you find yourself out of ideas, I recommend to avail of some examples taken from the internet and modify them to your taste, it would make things very easy. Good luck with your speech!